Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Adds Cary Elwes

Netflix has a handful of exciting movies in the works. One of those movies Zack Snyder‘s rogue moonIt’s about to go into production, and now we know more additions to the great cast. Reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Cary Elwes, corey stoll, michiel huismannY Alfonso Herrera have joined the space epic. Elwes will play the king of the galactic empire, while the roles of the other actors are unknown.

They join a cast that includes charlie hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, doona bae, ray fisherman, rupert friend, Stuart MartinY sophia butella in the lead role. The plot of the film tells the story of a “peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy that is threatened by the armies of a tyrannical regent named Belisarius. Desperate, the colonists send a young woman (Boutella) with a mysterious past to seek out warriors from neighboring planets to help them resist.”


The production of the film will last until November and Netflix must be very excited about the possibilities of this new universe, as there are plans to split the current project into two films. There are also ideas for multiple spin-offs if the initial plan is deemed successful.

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Snyder, who directed and co-wrote the film with Shay Hatten Y kurt johnstadHe’s had a great relationship with Netflix thus far. After the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League last year, the director climbed so high by releasing army of the dead for the streamer that was well received by critics and audiences alike. That horror epic quickly got a spinoff movie of its own late last year in army of thieves.

The four new actors added to rogue moon They have had very successful careers so far. Elwes is probably the best known of the bunch, starring in movies like The princess Bride, SawY black christmas. He also appeared in season 3 of Strange things. Elwes has been very busy lately as he will be appearing on Mission: Impossible 7 and the next richie boy movie Operation Fortune: Cunning War.

Stoll is best known for playing the villainous Yellow Jacket in Ant Manbut the actor has appeared in many movies like West Side Story Y The Many Newark Saints. Huisman has found much success on the small screen with roles on hit shows like Stewardess, game of Thrones, Orphan BlackY The Curse of Hill House while Herrera has appeared in the Netflix series sense8 Y Ozarks.

of all accounts rogue moon seems to be Netflix’s answer to Star Wars and Snyder has shown that he has an incredible eye for epic visual storytelling. The cast and crew have a lot of talent behind them, so hopefully this means sci-fi fans are in for a real intergalactic treat. rogue moon is about to go into production, which means we’ll likely hear more news about the movie, like a release date, soon.


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