Wordle 316: May 1, 2022 Hints & Answer

May 1st brings a new Wordle word to solve. Though today’s answer is a bit uncommon, players shouldn’t have too much trouble if using these hints.

It’s May 1st and another wordle puzzle is ready for players to solve. Today’s answer is another uncommon word that may be familiar to most but probably isn’t used very often. Throughout the beginning of 2022, it was hard to scroll through social media without seeing those little colored emoji boxes everywhere but recently it seems the game is being played a bit more quietly. Despite its decline in social media posts, there are still many players who have adapted wordle into their normal morning routine. The game is a perfect start to get the brain moving before a long day of work, or as a nice break in the middle of the day.


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If players are starting to find the game too easy, wordle does provide a Hard Mode that can be turned on in the options menu. Located in the top-right corner of the screen, Hard Mode adds a few extra rules to the main game. Players are no longer able to use letters that have been proven incorrect in a previous guess. This rule stops the classic 2-word starting combo and requires a little more critical thinking when coming up with the next guess. Letters that have been proven correct, or ones that are correct but in the wrong position, must be used in future guesses. Some players actually find that this mode will make the game easier as it forces the players to think of words that fit the criteria instead of wasting guesses on obviously incorrect words.

Today’s Word Hints (May 1st #316)

Wordle May 1st 316 Hints

For the players out there who are stuck and don’t directly want the answer to today’s wordlewe’ve provided just a few hints to help out.

  • Hint 1: Today’s Wordle answer has a repeated letter.
  • Hint 2: This word means to ‘do without’.
  • Hint 3: Today’s answer can be broken down into two smaller words.

Today’s Word Hints (May 1st #316)

Wordle May 1st 316 Attempt

Today’s wordle answer is FORGO.

Not an often used word, forgo means to decline or refrain from something. For our starting wordle word today we used ROAST, which provided an incorrectly placed ‘R’ and a correctly placed ‘O’. The second word we guessed was LOVER, which only provided us with another incorrect placement of the ‘R’ and a few more incorrect letters. MORON was the third guess which showed that there was a repeated ‘O’, we just had it in the wrong spot. Finally, after avoiding an obvious word that we assumed would be omitted from the wordle dictionary, we guessed FORGO and got it correct in four guesses.

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