Why Moon Knight & Khonshu Are Weaker Than Arthur & Ammit

Moon Knight episode 6 saw Marc Spector and Khonshu battle Ammit and her avatar Arthur Harrow – and there’s a reason the heroes were comparatively weak

This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 6

The dramatic conclusion of Moon Knight episode 6 revealed Khonshu and his avatar are much weaker than Ammit and Arthur Harrow. Back in 2011, Marvel Studios trod softly when introducing their first MCU pantheon, the Asgardians; they hinted these cosmic beings were actually ancient aliens rather than true gods, with Thor tossing out a line about coming from a place where science and magic were one and the same thing. Moon Knighthowever, took a very different approach with the Egyptian gods.

Moon Knight built up to a war in heaven between the gods Khonshu and Ammit, as their avatars fought it out on Earth as well. Curiously, though, it’s notable that Ammit and her avatar of her Arthur Harrow seemed much more powerful than any of the other gods; Ammit would have destroyed Khonshu had Moon Knight not teamed up with the new avatar of Tarewet, Scarlet Scarab, to perform a ritual that trapped her inside her host de ella and left her vulnerable. The power difference between these two divine beings was quite remarkable – but, fortunately, it’s easy to explain.


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Ammit wasn’t impressed with Khonshu when she first saw him in Moon Knight episode 6.”O Khonshu, for a god, you are low on faith,” she told him – and it was more than just a taunt. It’s a nod to a fairly typical fantasy trope, in which the gods exist in a state of symbiosis with human beings. Moon Knight, Ammit and the other gods are powered by the faith of human beings; the more people who believe in them, and the stronger their faith, the more powerful the gods become. Khonshu’s following was small (albeit complex). In contrast, Harrow has founded a cult dedicated to Ammit that is scattered across the globe, with believers literally willing to die for their faith. There’s an ironic sense in which Ammit had Harrow to thank her for her power.

Ammit Moon Knight Khonshu Fight

This further explains why Harrow found it so easy to defeat Moon Knight‘s Ennead, because their worship has lessened to relatively small groups who practice Kemetism or other neopagan belief structures in the present. Thus the avatars of even the most prominent gods in Egyptian mythology were weaker than Ammit, vulnerable to her power. The Ennead insisted they had not turned their back on humanity, but rather humanity had abandoned the gods; there is a sense in which both were probably true, with much of humanity ceasing to believe in their gods and the Ennead losing the power to affect the world as a result.

The interesting question is whether the empowering of a god needs to be direct, or whether faith in a god’s avatar strengthens the god themselves. Moon Knight episode 6 transformed Layla into the Scarlet Scarab, an avatar of Taweret, and she was seen as an Egyptian superhero. That likely means she’ll receive a lot of fame and celebrity in Egypt; as people hear of the new superhero, putting their faith in her, they’ll potentially be empowering Taweret. Fortunately, that particular god seems not to be malevolent, meaning she won’t become a threat as the story of Moon Knight continue.

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