Why Maddie Rice Left The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Guitarist Maddie Rice regularly performed with house band Stay Human on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, but why did she leave the talk show?

Maddie Rice was a fixture in the house band residing in The Late Show with Stephen ColbertSo why isn’t he acting on the talk show anymore? The latest iteration of the late show It began in 2015 when new host Stephen Colbert took the reins from David Letterman after he stepped down from the long-running talk show. Thanks to Colbert’s scathing satire of the Donald Trump administration, the show has seen a surge in viewership in recent years and has proven a worthy competitor to other late-night shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! or Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Just as David Letterman was replaced in the late show by Stephen Colbert, so was his longtime house band, the CBS Orchestra, by newcomers Stay Human. Stay Human was formed by bandleader Jon Batiste, bassist Phil Kuehn, and percussionist Joe Saylor while studying at Juilliard in the mid-1990s and later added members such as tuba player Ibanda Ruhumbika and saxophonist Eddie Barbash. Stephen Colbert selected Stay Human as his local band a few months before his late show acquisition after he was impressed with a performance on his previous show The Colbert Report.


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Many musicians have performed with Stay Human during the band’s tenure in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert among them the saxophonist Grace Kelly, the percussionist Nêgah Santos or the multi-instrumentalist Louis Cato. Utah-born guitarist Maddie Rice has also performed regularly with Stay Human on the late showwhere she played both electric and acoustic guitar and was once dismissed by Stephen Colbert as Harry Potter super-fan while interviewing Robert Pattinson. However, the talented guitarist hasn’t been seen playing with Stay Human lately, but is Maddie Rice still on? The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?

Why did Maddie Rice leave The Late Show?

Unfortunately, attentive viewers of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert he was right when they noticed that Rice was missing; the talented guitarist no longer performs regularly with the late showStay human. However, on the bright side, Maddie Rice late show The departure does not appear to have been a bad parting. Maddie Rice was only 22 years old when she started playing in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert alongside Stay Human, but toured internationally and worked with artists like Rubblebucket, Taeyang and Big Wild and even performed at the annual New York Game Awards. It seems like Maddie Rice is always going to be looking for the next step in her career and her way out of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert it was just part of that and as one of Rice’s first big professional jobs, it actually gave him a much-appreciated opportunity to jump-start his career. This is clearly evident in the fact that Maddie Rice is not done performing on live television late at night. In some ways, her new job could actually be considered a huge step forward.

What is Maddie Rice doing now?

maddie rice

Maddie Rice is currently not performing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but he’s still playing guitar, just on a different show. In October 2020, Rice joined SNL house band, Saturday Night Live Band, replacing former guitarist Jared Scharff, who had been performing on the show since 2007. Saturday Night Live Band has been a crucial part of SNL since it began in 1975 and has featured many different line-ups over the years with previous members including The Blues Brothers saxophonist Lou Marini and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drummer Steve Ferrone. Currently, the house band is led by saxophonist Lenny Pickett and also features keyboardist Leon Pendarvis and trumpeter Earl Gardner. Although she has gone on to play with him saturday night live house band, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between her and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert o Stay Human.

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