Who Is Mr. Knight and What Are His Powers

The second episode of moon knight has added new details to the story of the sixth television series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans found out more about the life of Steven Grant, who is far from just a mild-mannered gift shop clerk. Grant suffers from dissociative identity disorder as he shares a body with fearless mercenary Marc Spector, the first live-action adaptation of the character created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in 1975. Grant’s fate is also deeply tied to Khonshu, the god Egyptian. of the Moon, who has some unfinished business with humanity. The latest installment in the series featured the debut of Mr. Knight, as well as introducing some more pivotal characters.

Let’s now see what Mr. Knight is like and why he is essential to the MCU.

I’m Mr. Knight, I (almost) solve problems

Since the introduction of the MCU, Marvel Studios has often chosen to give Steven Grant a different backstory. While Grant was just Spector’s playboy, millionaire alter ego in the comics, he’s just a wayward employee in the live-action series. In the story, he shares his body with Spector, the possessor of a precious scarab beetle that everyone seems to love. Episode 2 introduces Layla, Marc’s wife, who is shocked to discover that her husband has completely lost all memories of their life together. When Steven is forcibly invited to appear in front of Arthur, Layla tries to save him by trading the scarab for Steven’s life. The exchange doesn’t go as planned, and Steven and Layla face off against a monster under Arthur’s command.

The complicated situation forces Steven to delve into himself and summon a matching white business suit with a white mask, transforming into Mr. Knight and gaining superpowers. The suit is very different from the one fans saw at the end of the series premiere. While Mr. Knight did not defeat the demon, he did show that he possesses great power by knocking his enemy down for a time.

The white suit and tie made its first appearance in secret avengers vol. 1, Issue 19 before it officially returned in the first issue of 2014’s Volume 7. moon knight comic series, thanks to Warren Ellis and artist Declan Shalvey. Unlike the former heavyweight boxer and US Marine Moon Knight, Mr. Knight relies on his intellect more than his fighting skills, although he does possess some knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. Mr. Knight has also been very interested in working with the authorities to solve crimes and put bad guys away.

Alive or dead?

After Grant realizes that Mr. Knight is not enough to stop the monster, he lets Spector take control. Shortly after transforming into Moon Knight and killing his enemy, Spector decides it’s better to keep the body and restricts Grant to a part of his mind. He then has a conversation with Khonshu, who closely watched the fight between his avatar and the monster. During their conversation, Khonshu reminds Spector of his deal and that he was nothing more than a corpse when Khonshu found him years ago.

The chat implies that Spector died somewhere in the past and was somehow revived by Khonshu. In doing so, the Egyptian god ended up owning Spector’s body and decisions. Once again, it seems that death is not permanent in the MCU and fans can expect familiar faces to show up from time to time, even if they are officially dead.

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