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When Amazon Prime’s upload hit the platform back in 2020, viewers were confronted with the real-life possibility of a virtual afterlife. In the show, characters have the option at the time of their death to upload their consciousness into a virtual avatar, living out the rest of their existence in the metaverse-like “Lakeview”–but this luxury is only afforded to the rich. Nathan Brown, the newest resident of Lakeview, believes he may have been murdered for his role in creating code for a free virtual afterlife alternative.

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Like all good science fiction, the show is a poignant reminder of what may lie ahead. It has also introduced viewers to a stable of both seasoned and up-and-coming actors that you may have seen somewhere before.

Robbie Amell – Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown, played by Robbie Amell, is the show’s lead. Nathan finds himself in Lakeview thanks to his wealthy girlfriend Ingrid. Arriving with holes in his memory of him, Nathan befriends “angel” Nora who helps him restore those lost memories. Together they uncover the conspiracy surrounding Nathan’s death, working together to set things straight.

Viewers are likely to recognize Robbie Amell from his role as Ronnie Raymond in Flashand as Stephen Jameson in The Tomorrow People. He also portrayed Noel Kahn’s older brother Eric in Pretty Little LiarsRobin’s suspiciously dog-like date Scooby in How I Met Your Mother, and Hayley’s attractive but dull boyfriend in modern-family.


Andy Allo – Nora Antony

Nora Antony, played by Andy Allo, is Nathan’s customer service rep or “angel” in his virtual afterlife. While Nora is alive in the real world, sitting behind a computer, she can appear to Nathan in Lakeview through an avatar. Nora strikes up a relationship with Nathan which quickly turns romantic, even though such fraternization is frowned upon. Nora helps Nathan to uncover what really happened in the lead-up to his death from him.

Andy Allo is best known for his role in chicago fire as Lieutenant Wendy Seager. She also landed a supporting role in Pitch Perfect 3 playing Serenity, a member of the girl band Evermoist, alongside RubyRose. Allo is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has collaborated with Prince several times.

Allegra Edwards – Ingrid Kannerman

Ingrid Kannerman, played by Allegra Edwards, is Nathan’s girlfriend in the world of the living and the person responsible for funding Nathan’s upload. Ingrid intended to be with Nathan forever after his upload from him, but shady dealings with her family from her and Nathan’s developing relationship with Nora put Ingrid in a difficult position, forcing her to devise a plan to win Nathan over.

besides uploadAllegra Edwards is best known for playing Cindy McCabe in briar patch. She’s also had several guest roles in prominent TV shows, popping up in Orange Is The New Black as a TV anchor, in new-girl as Schmidt’s ex-classmate Marissa, and in modern-family as a woman named Arizona.

Kevin BigleyLuke Crossley

Luke Crossley, played by Kevin Bigley, is a resident of Lakeview and Nathan’s self-proclaimed best friend. Luke is dating Mildred, Ingrid’s grandmother, whose avatar appears as a young woman from a black and white photo. Luke also has a thing for his angel, Aleesha, who has some very interesting dreams about.

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Kevin Bigley is best known for playing Brian Cyzk in the TV series Sirens. He has numerous TV acting credits to his name of him, guest-starring in bones as Sydney, in scream queens as Randal, in The Good Wife as Chris and in Brooklyn 99 as Officer Deetmore, the uniformed officer who bungled one of Rosa’s cases by mislabeling evidence.

Zainab Johnson – Aleesha Morrison

Aleesha Morrison, played by Zainab Johnson, works alongside Nora as a customer service rep for Lakeview. She is Luke’s “angel” who he becomes in love with. She enjoys teasing Luke and has a soft spot for him even if she denies it.

Zainab Johnson is perhaps better known for her stand-up comedy after making it to the semi-final of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. She appeared on Netflix’s History Of Swear Wordsand as a host on the reality series 100 humans.

Owen Daniels – A.I. Guy

AI Guy, played by owen daniels, is the AI ​​assistant who takes care of the more menial tasks in Lakeview such as waiting tables, operating lifts, and providing information to the residents. He is always at their beck and call and appears in a variety of outfits but always has the same likeness.

Owen Daniels’ biggest role to date, besides uploadwas in the comedy series space forceplaying Obie Hanrahan alongside Steve Carell and John Malkovich. He is the son of writer greg daniels and holds his own writing credits for both space force and upload. Daniels starred as a child on officeplaying Rachel and David’s son, Teddy.

Andrea Rosen – Lucy Slack

Lucy Slack, played by Andrea Rosen, is Nora and Aleesha’s overbearing boss. She comes across as a domineering micromanager, however, she is always there to help Nora and Aleesha when they need it.

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Andrea Rosen is best known as a comedian, part of the comedy troupe Stella. She has guest-starred in TV comedies Flight Of The Concords, Broad City and Weeds. Rosen also starred alongside Matt LeBlanc in Episodes as Eileen Jaffee.

William B. Davis – David Choak

David Choak, played by William B Davis, is the billionaire that lives across from Nathan in Lakeview. With money to burn, he purchases a much younger AI girlfriend and is forever demanding different animal meat to sample. He is a little shady and Nathan eventually figures out why.

William B. Davis is immediately recognizable as the Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files–you definitely get those creepy vibes from him in upload too. Besides that, Davis has appeared in a myriad of TV and movie guest roles, including Agent Frank Gruning in the 2001 film The ProposalMethuselah in The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, and Damaris in Stargate SG-1.

Josh Banday – Ivan Spelich

Ivan Spelich, played by Josh Banday, works the night shift and fills in for Nora as Nathan’s angel. Ivan helps out Nora and Nathan in their quest for the truth surrounding Nathan’s death.

Josh Banday has primarily had guest roles in large shows, most recently appearing as Alan, an employee of internet porn mogul Seth Warshavsky, in Pam And Tommy. I have guest-starred alongside Will Arnett as Dr. Will Gonzalez in improv comedy Murdervilleand as Nolan in The Big Bang Theory.

Jessica Tuck – Viv Brown

Viv Brown, played by Jessica Tuck, is Nathan’s mother. She often visits Nathan through the use of an avatar. At one point, when Nathan is thinking about downgrading to a more affordable virtual afterlife, Viv is charged with taking Nathan’s consciousness on a portable disc to shop around.

TrueBlood fans will recognize Jessica Tuck as American Vampire League spokesperson Nan Flanagan. She also has a recurring role as Gillian Gray in judging amy. Tuck has guest-starred in a variety of TV shows and movies, playing George’s girlfriend Bonnie in SeinfeldCatherine in Grimmand Sharpay Evans’ mother Derby in High School Music.

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