The Flash Season 9: Joe West Actor Exits Show

After playing Joe West for eight years, Jesse L. Martin is exiting The Flash but has the option to return for a few episodes in season 9.

When The flash season 9 returns in the fall, it will have one less cast member as Jesse L. Martin departs the show as Joe West. Since 2012, The CW has been partially known as the superhero channel through the creation of the Arrowverse. Following arrow Upon release, the drama Green Arrow paved the way for multiple spin-off shows to help expand Greg Berlanti’s massive DC TV universe. One of them is The flash which has been running since 2014 with Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speedster. The flash Season 8 is currently airing on The CW.

There was some significant uncertainty as to what the fate of The flash would be seen after its eighth season. Gustin’s contract was scheduled to end after this season before the big news that The CW was up for sale. Gustin had spoken about ongoing negotiations for him to be on board for The flash seasons 9 and 10. However, Gustin signed on for The flash season 9, which The CW officially renewed.


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While Gustin is officially back for The flash season 9, audiences will see less of another major character next year. Deadline reveals that Jesse L. Martin, who played Joe West since the show’s inception, will officially be leaving the Arrowverse drama as a series regular. NBC cast the actor in a new pilot called the irrational, where you can see him below. However, according to DeadlineMartin is expected to return in The flash season 9, potentially for five episodes. Martin will continue to appear for the rest of The flash season 8

Flash Joe West Season 8

Also notable are the updates on Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker, who play Iris West-Allen and Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, respectively. Like Martin, the actresses also ended their deals after The flash season 8. They are expected to return for The flash season 9 as they are reportedly in contract negotiations. While all of this is probably sad for long-time fans of the show, this is normal with long-running series like The flash, where prominent cast members eventually depart to do new projects. Last year, at the end of The flash In season 7, both Carlos Vald├ęs and Tom Cavanagh departed as series regulars, while the latter appeared this season as a special guest star.

Not much is known about The flash season 9 in terms of plot, which makes sense given that season 8 hasn’t even finished airing yet. time will tell if The flash Season 9 is the last for the show as they are much closer to the finish line. At the top, The flash will officially become the longest-running Arrowverse series next year as it surpasses arrow Running 170 episodes. At the moment, the only other cast member confirmed for the upcoming season is Brandon McKnight’s Chester P. Runk. What The flash season 8 continues, time will tell how the show will wrap up Joe’s story.

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Source: Deadline

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