The Crow Reboot Casts FKA twigs Alongside Bill Skarsgård

the reset of The Raven is preparing to take flight. Just a few days after it was revealed that bill skarsgard would star in the film as the main character, today the multi-hyphenate fka twigs has been cast as her co-star. While we don’t have an official name for the character yet, we do know that FKA twigs nabbed the role of Skarsgård’s character’s girlfriend/fiancée. Fans of the original movie will know that the bride doesn’t have much of a story, but it looks like that will change in the new version.

Based on the comic Ravenwritten and illustrated by James O’Barr, the 1994 film centered on a couple who meet a tragic end. It’s the night before Halloween in Detroit, Michigan and Shelly Webster (sofia shinas) has been brutally murdered. In the street below the couple’s shared apartment is the body of her fiancé Eric Draven (Brandon Lee). Given another chance to confront the couple’s killers, Eric is resurrected by a raven and goes on a revenge spree. A film with a massive cult following, it was also the scene of one of Hollywood’s most notorious prop mishaps with deadly consequences. While filming a scene that included the use of what was thought to be a blank bullet, Lee was fatally wounded when a leftover bullet from a dummy bullet was fired from the revolver.


A Grammy-nominated artist, FKA twigs has made a name for herself over the last decade. Immersing herself in the film industry, the musician-turned-actress garnered critical acclaim for her role in 2019. honey boy. His appearance in The Raven will serve as his main cinematic follow-up. With honey boy Seeing the actress in a dramatic role, we assume that she will shine with the same intensity in The Raven.

The Raven

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Looking to June as a start date, action filmmaker Rupert Sanders will be in charge of the project. With previous credits including snow white and the huntsman and ghost in the shell, Sanders will surely be up to the task of recreating the long-awaited reboot. Attachments to produce are Victor Hadida, Molly Hassell, John Jenksand Edward R. Pressman with and farah serving as executive producer.

With two major casting announcements in just one week, the train to The Raven has officially left the station. Only time will tell what other names will round out the cast in this reinvention of one unstoppable man’s path to revenge.


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