Talent Spotlight: The Israeli Engineer Behind Lemonade

Welcome to The Talent Spotlight Series, where we chat with our global team members about the careers that brought them to TripActions, what their roles look like, why they believe in their teams, and their favorite travel memory. Participants were selected by their peers for their incredible teamwork and team spirit, and how they embody the TripActions values. Read more of the series.

Nir Benjano joined TripActions as a Senior Software Engineer in June 2021 to help build the interface for the Lemonade personal travel product. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Nir plays an integral role in designing the most intuitive and efficient personal travel product on the planet.

He didn’t always plan to become an engineer. But Nir had a vision for a new kind of app and hired an engineering company to bring his vision to life. However, he was disappointed in the quality of his work, so, in the true spirit of TripActions, he taught himself to code.

“I wanted to see if I could fix it myself, and I found out that I really like programming and that I can get things done quickly,” explains Nir.

After his military service, Nir studied software engineering at Ben-Gurion University for four years. Eager for work experience, he joined Jive Software as an Android developer while still a student, before moving on to Microsoft full-time after graduation.

While Nir enjoyed the work and his colleagues, he wanted to work on a product that he would actually use in his own life. After nearly four years at Microsoft, he moved on to a growing software startup, where he quickly realized the role wasn’t the right fit. By chance, a colleague from his previous position as a student approached TripActions.

While some people questioned his decision to go from fast-growing startup to travel platform during COVID-19, Nir saw the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and didn’t hesitate. He clearly saw the potential and knew the company would continue to grow, especially as travel picked up. Her instincts proved correct; TripActions recently recorded its highest travel booking day earlier this month.

“I thought TripActions was a much better opportunity. Now is still the best time to join the company, because it continues to grow and the product itself is evolving,” says Nir.

It was the perfect fit.

New opportunity, new office, new energy

Nir was part of the founding team in the Tel Aviv office, which meant most interviews were conducted via video with colleagues in Amsterdam and Palo Alto. But despite the distance, Nir could feel his enthusiasm and drive.

“Everyone was smiling during the interview process and you could tell they really enjoyed their work,” shares Nir.

Entrepreneurial energy attracted Nir, and the opportunity for growth and expansion was one of the main reasons he joined the company. While Nir works in Israel, he has teammates around the world who are quick to help each other.

“They are all very smart and talented. He feels like working with the professionals, which is exactly what he wanted,” says Nir. “Everyone wants to help each other and care about their colleagues. It doesn’t matter where you live or what time zone you’re in.”

The Tel Aviv engineering team is growing rapidly, and Nir encourages anyone ready to be part of a transformational company to get in touch today.

The Tel Aviv office is currently hiring. See what roles are available to join TripActions today.

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