On the Phone, Alone – The New York Times

Many measures of adolescent mental health began to deteriorate sometime around 2009. It is true of the number of US high-school students who say they feel persistently sad or hopeless. It’s also true of reported loneliness. And it is true of emergency room visits for self-harm among Americans ages 10 to 19. This timing is … Read more

A Free Diver’s Training Partners: Sharks

It was another perfect February morning off the coral atoll of Tikehau, French Polynesia, when Denis Grosmaire, 44, anchored around 8 in the morning. Grosmaire, French Polynesia’s deepest free diver, peered over the edge into the crystal-clear South Pacific Ocean. On one side of his speedboat was a flourishing coral reef that plunged toward the … Read more

Opinion | ‘If Economists Are So Smart, Why Ain’t They Rich?’

After I wrote a newsletter last month on how economists’ views differ from those of ordinary people, I got emails to the effect of, “If economists are so smart, why ain’t they rich?” I’m not an economist, so the question doesn’t ruffle my feathers. The possible explanations, though, are interesting—sometimes funny, sometimes kind of deep. … Read more