Super Mario Bros. Movie Delayed to 2023

With video game movies like sonic the hedgehog 2 and Uncharted, have been carving up the box office in 2022, many video game fans have been excited to see Super Mario’s return to the big screen later this year. Sadly that idea appears to have been hit with the dreaded blue shell. The upcoming animated Super Mario Bros. movie is the latest theatrical release to get delayed. According to Variety, the film has just been delayed from December 21, 2022 to April 7, 2023 in North America. The release in Japan has also been delayed until April 28, 2023.

super mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto made the announcement on the Nintendo of America Twitter page saying, “After consulting with Chris-san, [producer Chris Meledandri] my partner at Illumination on the Super Mario Bros. film, we decided to move the global release to Spring 2023. He would finish off his statement by apologizing and saying, “I promise it will be well worth the wait.”


This is definitely sad news for any fan of the vast Super Mario universe or animated films in general. After many years of the film being in active development, Nintendo made the announcement in 2018 that they had teamed up with Universal’s Illumination Entertainment for the project. That being said, it was not until late 2021 when this film’s development really got interesting, with Nintendo announcing the voice cast for the film. The ensemble included heavy hitters like Jack Black as Bowser, seth roden as Donkey Kong, charlie day as Luigi, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach. It was also revealed that Keegan-Michael Key was playing Toad, Fred Armisen was playing Cranky Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson was playing Kamek, and original Mario voice actor charles matinet would be making cameo appearances throughout the film.

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All those choices seemed like good fits for their respective roles, but nothing could prepare fans for the reveal of Chris Pratt playing Mario. It sent shock waves throughout nerd culture, and it felt like a moment where we were all getting Punk’d. On top of that, Meledandri also said that the actor was weirdly not going to be doing an Italian accent. Pratt being Mario is still as funny as it was a year ago, but hopefully the actor can bring the same charm to this famous plumber as he did with Emmett in the lego-movie franchise.

There was no reason given for the delay, but this comes almost a week after Sony delayed their own upcoming animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse to 2023 as well. Animated movies take a lot of time to develop. From start to finish, they usually take double the amount of time it takes to finish a live-action movie. Mario does not have a good cinematic track record, so it is probably best for Nintendo and Illumination to take all the time they need to make the best film possible. Also, it was announced that Universal would be moving their Dreamworks’ Shrek spinoff. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish from September 23, 2022 to December 21, 2022 to fill that holiday hole left by Mario.

Super Mario Bros. is directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic from a script by Matt Fogel. The animated adventure will now be released on April 7, 2023, in North America and April 28, 2023, in Japan. Hopefully, even with this delay, we can get our first glimpse at this animated Mushroom Kingdom adventure soon.


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