Strange New Worlds Posters Reveal the Crew of the Enterprise

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is headed our way soon, and now we have new character posters to explore! While we obviously have a new look at Mount Anson as Captain Pike (whom I affectionately refer to as Hot Pike), we also see again ethan peck (whom I affectionately refer to as Hot Spock) as Spock. But more than that, the posters give us new characters to dive into as we head into a new era of star trek.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the franchise because there’s a constant influx of star trek content on our way. And with these posters, it’s a look at the creation of some new characters and some familiar faces coming to the new series. Honestly, getting a show that has Pike at the center is exciting given the history the character has within the original series.


While the character posters can reveal different looks for the characters, with star trek we know what we’re getting when it comes to their uniforms. Still, it’s a nice treat for fans while we wait. strange new worlds brand new on May 5. From Bruce Horakis Hemmer for jess bushNurse Christine Chapel looks like the crew of the Enterprise.

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It’s kind of emotional to see some of the characters we’ve come to love over the years come to life again in these new posters. While Peck’s Spock and Mount’s Pike have been in star trek thanks to Star Trek: Discovery, there are some new faces bringing our heroes to life. I like it Celia Rose Gooding assuming the role of uhura starwho was originally played by Nichelle Nichols prior to Zoe Saldana he played her in the Kelvin-verse movies.

Dr. M’Benga comes to life thanks to Dune actor formed babies and we can see him in a poster looking like a powerful and balanced doctor next to Melissa NaviaIt’s Lieutenant Erica Ortegas. Not to mention a look at rebeca romijn as Una Chin-Riley (or Number One as we knew her from Star Trek: Discovery).

Fans can finally see Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in less than a month and these posters are absolutely stunning. Does that mean it’s going to be an easy ride through space, the last frontier for the crew of the Enterprise? Knowledge star trek, probably not, but we can’t wait to meet the team! Take a look at the new posters below:










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