Sports Ministry confirms to Supreme Court that Praful Patel needs to step down as president of AIFF

India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) has confirmed to the Supreme Court that Praful Patel has been mandated to resign from his position as president of the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

The main problem that has arisen is that Patel has already completed three terms and 12 years as president of the AIFF and that his team has been postponing the holding of elections that were supposed to be held in December 2020 after moving to the Supreme Court that elections cannot be held due to the suspension of the constitution.

“It is submitted that as the mandate of the existing committee of AIFF has already ended, and the current president has completed more than 12 years as president, the petitioner (AIFF) should hold elections without further delay according to the existing instructions contained in the Sports Code and the instructions issued by the Responder (Ministry of Sports) from time to time,” MYAS told the Supreme Court on the matter.

“Since the last elections held by the petitioner were on 12/21/2016, as such, the petitioner must hold new elections. Although the Respondent recently renewed the annual recognition of the petitioner for one year from 10/23 /2020, said recognition is subject to the outcome of the special license application pending before this honorable court.

“That, therefore, the continuation of a petitioner’s office holder, such as the president, who has already served 12 years as president of the AIFF, will be a violation of the Sporting Code, specifically clause 9.3 (iii) of the Sporting Code “. added the Ministry.

Patel, for his part, is understood to be violating the 2011 National Sports Code, which states that a president of a National Sports Federation cannot continue beyond a maximum of 12 years. Since he moved to court in the last 14 months, Patel’s committee has continued to make all the important decisions even though he was asked to refrain from doing so.

Patel has already served three four-year terms, a fourth term would make him eligible to compete for a seat on the FIFA council, elections for which are scheduled for April 2023.

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