Sonic 2 Speeds Towards $141 Million Worldwide at Global Box Office

This weekend has been very moved by the premieres of new films. One of the high-profile movies released this week was sonic the hedgehog 2. The highly anticipated sequel to the video game has already won the domestic weekend, but the speedy blue blur is now king of the international box office.

sonic 2 it has grossed $37 million this weekend from 53 markets. This includes 22 new markets and the film’s international box office now stands at an impressive $70 million. Sonic is number one in almost all of its new markets. Some of the highlights include the film which grossed $6.3 million in Mexico at 905 locations, $3.4 million in Brazil at 656 locations, $1.7 million in Italy at 420 locations, $1.2 million in Argentina at 214 locations, and $1.1 million in Panama at 157 locations. .


Sonic also had an impressive second weekend in some of its international markets. This includes generating $3.8m in the UK at 687 locations, $3m in France at 696 locations, $2.1m in Australia at 322 locations, and $1.4m in Germany at 580 locations. While most of Sonic’s second weekend business put the film in second place behind Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, which also opened early in some international markets, the film only saw a 38% drop on weekends. That’s extremely impressive given that most studios pray for a 50% drop between the first two weekends of a movie.

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sonic 2 it now has a worldwide box office total of $141 million which includes the updated weekend domestic total of $71 million. This means that the film earned $13 million more than the first film’s $58 million opening weekend. This national number is even better when you realize that the first movie opened on a holiday weekend and the sequel’s opening weekend gross is $1 million more than the $70 million four-day opening of the movie. original. Another reason this number is huge is because this opening breaks the record for the highest video game opening in movie history. In the ever-growing sea of ​​video game movies, that’s not to be overlooked.

sonic 2The performance of is proving that the family market exists and that movies like this can still dominate the box office. After two years of family-focused movies like Luke, turning redY The Mitchells vs. the Machines going straight to streaming, studios should take notice of Sonic’s success. Not only did it perform well, it outperformed the first movie by a sizable margin. It’s seemed like Paramount has been on a mission lately to prove that the theatrical experience still matters. This is the studio’s fifth major blockbuster since most theaters reopened in mid-2021. Movies like a quiet place part 2, Shout, donkey foreverY The lost City they are all very different. However, they have all helped remind the world that nothing beats the theatrical experience. Sonic is another success story for the studio and a reminder of that theatrical power. Companies like Disney should take note.

sonic 2 is led by Jeff Fowler and stars ben schwartz, james marsden, tika sinkhole, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Jim CarreyY Idris Elbe |. You can run to theaters now to see what all the fuss is about, and remember to bring extra cold dogs for the whole family.


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