Robert Duvall Reflects on The Godfather, Working With Coppola

The Godfather just turned 50 and with it has come an avalanche of interviews from the cast and creatives behind the Francis Ford Coppola classic. In a new interview with The Gate, the star Robert Duvall, who played Tom Hagen, spoke about working with Coppola, the legacy of The Godfatherand the difference the film made to his career.

Hagen was the lawyer for the Corleone family and the adopted son of Vito and Carmela, Duvall played him wonderfully throughout. The Godfather Y The Godfather: Part II. The movie clearly meant a lot to him because, in the interview, Duvall talked about Coppola and some of the work he’s done that he’s not exactly proud of:

“I’m very happy,” Duvall said. “And I’ve done a lot of things that weren’t so great, but I had to pay the rent. You know, I had to pay the rent. So a lot of shit at times, but the opposite of shit was The Godfather. Great, great, great to work with Coppola; fantastic.”


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The Godfather It is widely believed to be one of the greatest films ever made. It wasn’t an easy ride either, as the studio wanted big names for the film, but Coppola relied on younger, unknown actors like Al Pacino with the character of Michael Corleone, along with the rejection of the Italian-American community, and the film took a long time to finish. So, when Duvall was asked if he knew how successful the film would be, he revealed that he could feel it during a part of the film.

“All I know is about a third of the way through The Godfather, and before I knew it, we had something special. And I only felt it twice, but very special and it turned out to be true, you know? And I won a lot of respect to Coppola because he had to work. We thought maybe he was going to be fired because he was working under pressure from the studio, which maybe saw the outcome of the movie in a different way than he did. But he did it the way he did. he wanted. And he stuck to those concepts of his, and the movie turned out to be what he wanted. He was the boss.”

But working with Coppola was not limited to just The Godfather movies, but throughout their careers.

“It was great. We kept up the relationship for a bit over the next few years. On a couple of movies I directed, he helped me with the editing; he was very open to it and very good. Good guy to work with; I wanted to see what you would do. .. I call it ‘ink to behavior’ I wanted to see what you brought to the table in terms of behavior.

And while the praise for Coppola is great, it was also interesting to see how Duvall reacted to his co-star. Marlon Brando during filming and admitted that he used to talk about Brando with other actors Dustin Hoffmann Y gene hackman he would bring it up and continue to rant about how good Brando is.

“Brando was like the godfather of young actors,” he said. “Yes. I talked to an English actor who was very, very respected, and when he came to New York, he saw A Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway and he was embarrassed because he thought a stagehand had come on stage by mistake. It was so natural, but it was Brando”.

Duvall gave his honest answers to questions about The Godfather and it was nice to read how much he truly appreciates being a part of Coppola’s masterpiece.

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