Rick And Morty’s 10 Saddest Moments

Content Warning: The following contains discussions of suicide.

the writers of rick and morty they really know how to impress their viewers. It has made a name for itself as one of the most emotionally devious shows on the air. It’s also a lot of fun and plays with sci-fi concepts in unique and interesting ways, like in rick and mortyMorty’s freaks.

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Fans come for the sci-fi jokes and concepts and stay for the emotional wreck. With an alcoholic nihilist as the main character, rick and morty has delivered more than a few moments that brought fans to the brink of tears.


Updated April 5, 2022 by Alex Gentile: Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith have embarked on dozens of adventures over the years. Season 5 brought some of the show’s most intriguing plotlines in 2021, revealing new details about the Rick and Morty universe. Also, some of the saddest moments of the series come in its later seasons. This list has been updated with some of the latest Rick and Morty grief stories.

Rick sacrifices himself to save Morty.

In the season 2 premiere, “A Rickle in Time,” Rick and Morty find themselves stumbling through an empty void between the many timelines they created. Rick has designed necklaces for them to return to their own time, but Morty’s is broken, so Rick makes the difficult decision to sacrifice himself to save Morty almost instantly.

He gives Morty his necklace and then prepares for death. But he then finds Morty’s necklace and manages to fix it in time. The moment before Rick realizes that he’s going to be okay is sad, but he also proves once and for all that Rick cares about Morty.

Morty buries his own corpse

Rick and Morty burying their doubles

Season 1’s “Rick Potion No. 9” Could Have Been the First Really Great Episode of rick and morty. At the end of the story, Rick realizes that the mess he and Morty have made is irreparable.

They have filled the world with “Cronenbergs” and they have to leave their reality behind, find one where they died and take their place in that reality. It’s a fun twist at first, but it leads to a harrowing and heartbreaking moment when Morty has to bury his own corpse in the backyard and then go on living with the knowledge that his life is a lie.

Morty breaks up with Planetina

Rick and morty season 5 episode 3 Throwback 90s Planetina Morty Beth

In Season 5’s “A Rickconvenient Mort,” Morty finally has romantic luck. He falls in love with a female superhero, Planetina, and the two hit it off. Planetina is a heroine driven by ecological activities. When she comes across some coal miners, she ignores her impartial defense of harming the environment, she lifts the lid and slaughters them all.

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Morty is upset by the incident and, despite his feelings for her, is unable to continue his relationship with Planetina. The moment is very sad because it reveals the complicated nature of relationships. Morty understands Planetina’s point of view and feels close to her, but cannot move forward after seeing what he did.

Rick becomes the intergalactic feds

Rick is arrested in the season 2 finale of Rick and Morty

The season 2 finale of rick and morty, “The Wedding Squanchers”, ended with a tremendous cliffhanger that perhaps fans were not expecting. Although Rick and the family went on the run and found a new small planet to live on, they had no quality of life, so Rick decided to turn himself in to protect them.

As Rick is taken to an intergalactic prison and locked up with hundreds of other inmates, the sounds of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” help settle the situation. Of course, Rick would return to the family in one episode. in Season 3, but it felt like a huge, momentous, irrevocable crisis when the episode aired. Many would say that it is one of the best moments of season 2 of rick and morty.

Summer rebukes Jerry.

Summer yells at Jerry in Rick and Morty.

In Season 4’s “Childrick of Mort,” the Smith family camps out on an alien planet. The main plot follows Rick after he learns that a planet is pregnant with his intergalactic offspring. As the events of the episode begin to unfold, Jerry brings Summer and Morty to set up a camping spot.

As they start, Summer and Morty lie on Jerry. Morty complains about wanting to hang out with Rick, but Summer takes things up a notch. She murders Jerry and accuses him of only taking them camping to make it look “worth it”. The sequence is sad, in part because viewers can tell that Jerry believes him.

Birdperson reveals the tragic meaning behind “Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!”

Rick and Morty Quiz - Birdperson

Catchphrases are considered lazy and vulgar, but rick and morty has revolutionized the idea of ​​a catchphrase, firstly by lampooning it with the outlandish, random, ostensibly nonsensical rick and morty quote, “Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!” and second, by giving it a whole new context.

At his big party during the season 1 finale, “Ricksy Business”, Birdperson tells Morty that, in his language, the seemingly meaningless phrase translates to: “It hurts a lot. Please help me.” Rick isn’t very open about his emotions, because he doesn’t believe in therapy and deals with his pain by repressing it, but sometimes it comes out in interesting ways like this.

Morty loses his girlfriend

Morty and his girlfriend sitting on the couch in Rick and Morty

Perhaps one of the most moving and heartbreaking sequences of rick and morty appears in “The Acid Tub Episode” in Season 4. In the episode, Rick reluctantly brings one of Morty’s ideas to life. He wants a device that can make him reboot from any point in life as if he were in a living video game with no consequences. However, in the middle of the adventure, Morty meets a girl, falls in love with her and develops a life with her.

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In the empty dialogue sequence, the pair encounter a tragic event and embark on a harrowing journey to rescue her. However, Jerry accidentally resets Morty’s remote and the entire relationship is lost. The moment hits hard because the sequence where Morty and the girl develop a relationship is so sweet. Viewers might want to cry along with Morty as the rug is pulled out from under them.

The final room in the Vindicators trap was designed for Noob-Noob

Rick and Morty Vindicators

For the most part, season 3’s “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” is a perfect parody of the MCU movies. While heavily intoxicated, Rick sets up an elaborate He saw-trap style for the superhero team that ends with a final room where the only person Rick cares about is supposed to sit in a small carriage and go through an amusement park.

Morty thinks it is him and that he is the right size and weight to activate the ride. However, as he walks the ride, he realizes that he was actually designed for Noob-Noob, the janitor who was always laughing at Rick’s jokes.

Rick and Morty take a break

Rick and Morty look angry at each other in season 5 of Rick and Morty.

rick and morty developed quite a stir with its most recent season. Perhaps the most talked about rumor occurred around the airing of “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall”, that the titular duo would break up in the episode.

They don’t exactly say goodbye forever, but the episode does reveal the toxic nature of Rick and Morty’s relationship. The sadness continues throughout the story, as Rick scolds Morty as he tries to deal with his feelings about his unfriendly grandfather.

Rick almost killed himself

In season 2’s “Auto Erotic Assimilation”, Rick falls in love with a hive mind, has a lot of fun with her, and then they dump him. Like most sitcom episodes, everything seems to return to normal by the end of the show when Rick and Morty return home and Rick retreats to his garage.

However, unlike most sitcom episodes, Rick is shown to be deeply affected by the loss of his love. He sets up a device that can kill him, but passes out just before it activates. This is easily one of the most shocking and heartbreaking moments in the show’s history.

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