RDR3 Can Bring Back John & Arthur By Just Being Undead Nightmare 2

Red Dead Redemption 3 could continue the Undead Nightmare storyline and revive John Marston, Arthur Morgan, and other Van der Linde gang members.

Despite hints for another Undead Nightmare event appearing throughout Red Dead Redemption 2the zombie campaign failed to appear, but Red Dead Redemption 3 could feature another zombie apocalypse and revive several beloved characters. As is customary with most Red Dead Redemption and red dead revolver games, many cherished protagonists and supporting characters meet their end during the main story. RDR1 depicted John Marston’s death, while RDR2 explored Arthur Morgan’s final months. Despite the expectation of their eventual demise, many players mourned the loss of their characters and voice actors. By implementing Undead Nightmare 2 into Red Dead Redemption 3‘s story and gameplay, these characters can return in several ways.


original Undead Nightmare in Red Dead Redemption featured John Marston’s adventure through a zombie-ridden Wild West, following his wife and son’s infection. He wanders across the wilderness, seeking a cure for the zombie plague and helping towns defend themselves from the hordes. Different zombies featured different abilities with unique powers, forcing John to adopt new strategies for confronting this mythical villain. Thankfully, he manages to return an Aztec relic that caused the outbreak, curing his family of him and all other remaining undead. Unfortunately, the end of Undead Nightmare saw another thief take the Aztec relic and spark another apocalypse.

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RDR‘s Undead Nightmare isn’t canon but provides an opportunity for John Marston to return to Red Dead Redemption. After being gunned down at Beecher’s Hope, John is resurrected in the next zombie apocalypse as a Revenant, keeping control of his soul and senses from him. Since Rockstar Games already provided an opportunity for players to control John Marston similarly to the first Undead Nightmare, it stands to reason the next zombie adventure would continue the trend of utilizing deceased protagonists. Unfortunately, Rockstar ceased the development of RDR2‘s single-player modes, eliminating the possibility for an Undead Nightmare sequel Red Dead Redemption 3 could likely revive the expansion though, considering the community’s demand for another zombie adventure.

Red Dead Redemption 3’s Undead Nightmare Could Revive Characters

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Arthur Morgan’s tragic death in Red Dead Redemption 2 brought about a fitting end to the traumatized, ill character. His character arc explored the desperate journey for redemption by a dishonorable thief and killer, slowly improving throughout the game. Unfortunately, Arthur meets his end of him either on a mountaintop succumbing to tuberculosis or in the Van der Linde gang’s camp, shot by Micah. However, since Red Dead Redemption‘s Undead Nightmare You revive dead characters, Arthur Morgan could resurrect alongside John Marston and venture throughout the Wild West alongside his brother. This could enable players to alternate controlling both beloved protagonists simultaneously for the first time in the franchise.

RDR3‘s Undead Nightmare could extend to other characters that died in Red Dead Redemption 2, such as Hosea Matthews, Lenny Summers, Sean Macguire, and Kieran Duffy. Each character had a unique personality and role within the Van der Linde gang but died as Dutch’s vision of him became corrupted with greed and paranoia. Since each character experience such rich growth and unique personalities compared to the recurring cast in Red Dead Redemption 1, RDR3 could utilize the Van der Linde gang in an Undead Nightmare 2 project. This story and marketing strategy could attract many players who enjoyed RDR2while building on each character’s story and opportunities.

While it’s unknown what Rockstar’s plans are for Red Dead Redemption 3there are many possibilities with both the canon universe and the Undead Nightmare storyline. Development on Red Dead Redemption 2‘s single-player mode ceased shortly after release, with Red Dead Online taking Rockstar’s attention in post-release content. Rockstar Games may be investing most of its resources in GTA 6, but Red Dead Redemption 2‘s recent success could bode well for the Western franchise’s future. RDR1’s Undead Nightmare success may also confirm the third game could feature its return. As of the writing of this article, Red Dead Redemption 3 has no scheduled release date, nor has Rockstar Games announced any intention of developing a third installment.

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