Rating all the 2022-23 kits leaked so far: Man Utd, Liverpool, Barca…

Before it was not a big deal, football kits are now more important than ever. Football is now all the rage, and the latest leaked football kits for the 2022-23 season tell us how the big clubs and their suppliers plan to break new ground.

Yes, it’s ultimately about making money (as is everything in football these days), but you have to admit that watching your club wear a clean shirt is better than watching them wrestle with something that makes your eyes roll. crazy. Water.

So we went through and rounded up all the leaked kits we could find to give you an early idea of ​​what your gear will look like in the upcoming campaign, ranking them based on how good they look.

Because at the end of the day, the league table isn’t decided by points, it’s decided by how good your uniforms look. Or at least it probably should be.


Adidas has been kind to Arsenal. The home kits have been clean and stylish, and the away and third kits have often been fresh and exciting.

This season’s bruised banana 2.0 is a testament to that, but next season looks to be a lot more basic. They’re going to have a collar, like many sides of Addidas next season, and the visitor will be a sleek all black.

But the third? Now that’s where he is he. Light pink, with a faint background of the little symbols that once graced the old Arsenal crest like snow.

He’ll look great under European lights next season… and the Gunners are hoping he’ll feature in the Champions League rather than the Europa League.


If a takeover isn’t rushed soon, Chelsea fans won’t be able to buy their new kit.

But to be honest, who would? The three of them aren’t exactly spectators. An odd choice of cream beige for the third, an incredibly uninspiring house, and…well, the less said about distance, the better.

Still, it could at least be without a sponsor.


Liverpool made a big fuss about leaving New Balance a couple of years ago to sign with Nike.

So has it been worth it? Well, next year’s home kit looks like someone went to Sports Direct and picked up 11 basic red tops. They look clean, and the usual Hillsborough 97 tribute always adds a nice element, but they’re not exactly inspiring.

The distance is… interesting. Aside from the fact that it looks like a kid has been given some pastel crayons and gone free on the freshly painted living room wall, it has the potential to look pretty stylish or downright terrible depending on the pair of pants. shorts and socks.

Nike, we implore you: make them both black.

manchester united

United have been given the same treatment as Arsenal this year, with the return of the necklace.

It looks a bit better in United’s and looks like a slight homage to the 1999 kit, but United fans are probably fed up with the never-ending focus on the past that absolutely all of the club’s merchandise leans on. Not that they have many options given the state of the club.

The away kit appears to be a basic but stylish white kit with some red and black outlines to symbolize the club’s three main colours, but the third… well, the less said about that, the better. It is a goalkeeper kit with the arms cut off. An ugly one at that.


We don’t know how they’ve done it, but Nike has somehow made two kits, so Spursy shouldn’t make sense.

The home is the same as this season, just with a few extra bits sewn into the end of the arms, and the away… well, if the intent is to make Harry Kane feel like he’s playing for England by putting the crest on the middle, then the mission has failed. He wouldn’t want to be seen dead with this kit.


Look, it’s not fair. Barcelona got into financial trouble and yet they have somehow been able to sign players left and right. Second, they are suddenly good at football again.

No club should be allowed to get out of the prank era so quickly, as Arsenal and United fans will tell you. So it’s good that his home and third kit next season are horrible, and we mean horrible.

real Madrid

Madrid kits are Madrid kits. One is white, one is a funky color, and one is black almost every year without fail.

This year’s home has a collar, reminiscent of the one they wore in 2016-17 when they clinched the Champions League title. In fact, all three kits are eerily similar. Trying to tempt fate, are we Madrid?

Atletico Madrid

Atletico have decided that fouling their way to victory on the pitch by committing fouls, wasting time and (sometimes) simply cheating is no longer enough: they also want to give every opposition player a headache.

So Nike has undulated its iconic red and white stripes. He gives us headaches just looking at him, it doesn’t matter if someone is wearing him while he steps on you with both feet while Diego Simeone screams like crazy.

Bayern Munich

Bayern is the representation of German football on the world stage, and their uniforms are always a symbol of their nation: simple and classy.

They’ve gone a bit rebellious this year with the horizontal white stripes, but it’s nothing unprecedented. The away shirt will reportedly be white with gold details, another style worthy of being worn by the German champions.

They are spinning tops that somehow scream: ‘My country has cheap trains that leave on time’.

AC Milan

There haven’t been any proper leaks about the Rossoneri’s kits for next season, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show you this genuinely real fourth kit they introduced this season for the final months of the campaign.

It could be the worst uniform ever worn by a football team. Ever.


Juventus home kits will never be a surprise. Always a variation of Notts County’s black and white stripes, the two clubs are basically identical except for the fact that one plays in Turin rather than Nottingham.

The black stripes are made up of a bunch of triangles for the 2022-23 season, giving the jersey a slightly different flavor but nothing too outrageous. It’s one of those that the more you look at it, the better it gets.

That is until you realize that sponsorship has rays. At the very least, they’ve gotten rid of the hideous ‘4xe’ logo that plagued their shirts this season.

Oh, by the way, that terrible AC Milan fourth kit from this season? Yes, well, Juventus have decided to outdo them. my mother

Inter de Milan

In recent seasons, Inter have built up a certain reputation as one of the clubs that consistently have some of the best thrashing in Europe. Their kits have often been designed together in a sort of ‘series’, all sharing similar themes and ideas.

So it’s a bit of a shame that they bottled it for 2022-23. It’s pretty clear they’re trying to capture the same vibe as some of their kits from the past, but the horizontal stripe across the chest and high arms make it look weird.

And let’s not start with the sponsor. Whatever ‘digitalbits’ crypto-NFT bullshit is, he should be sent to hell for replacing Pirelli.


Last but not least is the fashion brand that plays football part-time.

They obviously heard the protests from PSG fans over the fact that the 2021-22 home kit got rid of the iconic Hetcher stripe running down the middle. But they decided to bring him back in a way that will make you wish you had never complained.

If we were Kylian Mbappe, we would also be going out the starting door.

by patrick ryan

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