Pro Tips on Choosing Which NBA Matches to Bet On

Each of the 30 professional basketball teams plays 82 games during a six-month season. That means a sports bettor has plenty of opportunities to place bets on the NBA each week.

It’s not like the NFL, which has a relatively small number of games. As a result, professional basketball bettors need to be well prepared when the season begins. Also, you need to have enough knowledge to determine which odds give you an advantage and are a solid bet.

Meanwhile, due to the recent surge in interest in the NBA, online sportsbooks are offering more basketball odds and propositions than ever before. After all, online gambling offers versatility; Some of the best online betting sites offer a variety of ways to bet, including cash, online and credit card payment.

So without further ado, here are some NBA betting tips to help you make better decisions when choosing which game to bet on.

Beware of grudge matches

Keep an eye out for so-called “revenge games” or “grudge matches,” or where a newly traded athlete takes on his old team for the first time. If he is a gifted player, a good grudge performance may be enough to propel his new team to win.

NBA players are just like the rest of us, and they take trading very seriously. For example, DeMarcus Cousins ‚Äč‚Äčexpressed his disdain for the Kings by putting up six assists, 23 rebounds and 41 points in his first return to Sacramento. How about Brook Lopez’s 34 points and 11 rebounds in his first game against the Brooklyn Nets?

Consider the game schedule

The NBA has done its part to minimize player fatigue by decreasing the number of consecutive games and eliminating streaks of four games in five nights. The league’s 82-game schedule, on the other hand, remains grueling, with teams playing 14.4 straight games on average from October to April.

When choosing which games to bet on, consider a team’s schedule before placing a bet. According to studies, teams that reach the second game of a consecutive streak win only 44% of the time.

According to Green and Gold Analytics, a team’s net rating decreases by 2.21 points for every 100 possessions in the second leg of a consecutive game. In other words, when they play consecutive nights, they are significantly less effective on offense and defense. 2.21 points is a big deal, and it could create a huge gap between erasing the spread and wasting a lot of money.

The geography

Imagine how far a team needs to travel to get to their games and how many time zones they have to traverse. The Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves consistently have the most air miles in the NBA. In contrast, the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers have less.

Players with less travel are generally more rested and energetic. That extra energy can make a big difference when the game is on the line at the end of regulation time.

Home court advantage matters in the NBA

Most players love to play at home, but you might be surprised how crucial home field advantage is in today’s NBA. According to research by ESPN, the home team has won 61.2% of all NBA games since 1975. While a new study suggests lowering this number, playing on the home court is still a significant benefit bettors they should consider.

That doesn’t mean you should bet on teams at their home court. However, if you are willing to spend a significant amount of money on road equipment, you should proceed with caution.

Be on the lookout for underdogs playing in stadiums where home-field advantage is a factor, as these games can add value. For example, it’s well known that the altitudes of Salt Lake City and Denver have long given the Jazz and Nuggets an advantage over visiting teams struggling to adjust to lower oxygen levels in the air.

See NBA injury reports

An injury to an outstanding player can radically alter the outcome of any sport. This could be more devastating in basketball as a single star player can impact both teams considerably.

Take the San Antonio Spurs, for example, who went on a 39-game losing streak in 1996-97 after losing Hall of Fame center David Robinson to a season-ending injury. Another is the Portland Trail Blazers in 2011-12, who went on a 20-game losing streak due to the absence of three-time All-Star Brandon Roy.

Before placing your bet, check the injury reports to make sure your bankroll isn’t impacted more than the injured players.

final thoughts

Earn money and moderate your bets with these basketball betting tips throughout the season. As an NBA tipster, keep an eye out for a pick-ready team and situation that suits you. While athletes are professionals, they are also people with bad days and terrible games. Betting on the NBA is a daily process as the league changes and evolves regularly.

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