Nicolas Cage Reveals What He’d Need To Return As MCU’s Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage reveals what it would take for him to reprise his role as Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, in the MCU after his appearances in 2007 and 2012.

Nicolas Cage reveals what it will cost him to return as Ghost Rider at the MCU. Cage had been a fan of the comics for years, and after a failed attempt to play Superman in Tim Burton’s movie, he scrapped superman lives project, he finally got to take on the role of a superhero as Johnny Cage in 2007 Ghost Rider. The actor reprized his role in 2012. ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, but the film did not live up to expectations, and plans for a third film were scrapped, with the rights reverting to Marvel Studios.

Ghost Rider has already appeared in the MCU, as Robbie Reyes’ incarnation of Ghost Rider appeared in Marvel’s. protection agents and was set to get his own spin-off series on Hulu, but the series was cancelled. protection agents also hinted at the existence of Johnny Blaze in the MCU in Robie Reyes’ origin story, but the character’s human face was never shown, leaving the door open for Marvel to cast any actor in the role, possibly even bringing in from back to Cage if they so wished. . As the supernatural side of the MCU begins to fill up with the likes of Blade, Moon Knight, and Werewolf by Night, it’s only a matter of time until Ghost Rider makes his big comeback.


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Promoting his latest movie, The unbearable weight of massive talent, Cage did an AMA on Reddit where he answered questions from fans. The actor was asked what it would cost him to reprise his role as Ghost Rider if asked by Marvel. Using the Lionsgate account on Reddit, Cage said: “I would really need to see what they had in mind before answering that.”

Cage has previously expressed interest in reprising his role as Ghost Rider, but has assured that he will not appear in Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. Currently, there are no active plans for Ghost Rider in the MCU, but there are rumors that the character will appear soon. In August 2021, Marvel Studios filled out a mysterious LLC for Richmond Street Productions, a reference to Danny Keitch’s version of Ghost Rider hinting at a Disney+ series for the character. Still, by bringing Robbie Reyes into the MCU first, it seems like Marvel is avoiding Johnny Blaze for some reason.

Marvel Studios has brought back previous actors to play iconic roles, with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning as their respective Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home o Patrick Stewart as Professor X in the next Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. However, all of those returns come with a multiversal explanation, so if Cage did appear in the MCU as Ghost Rider, it’s highly unlikely that he would be the main MCU version, but rather his original character from the previous movies established as part of Marvel. . multiverse Cage’s appearance as Ghost Rider It would probably be a pleasant surprise for audiences, even if the original films weren’t well received.

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