Nicolas Cage Reveals He Wants to Play Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo

Nicholas Cage is preparing to play his most difficult role yet: Nick Cage. In The unbearable weight of massive talentCage plays a fictional version of himself who goes to the birthday party of an eccentric millionaire who loves an actor named Javi (played by Pedro Pascual). The movie received rave reviews and Cage took to the famous Reddit AMA to answer some questions from his fans about his work and his new movie.

One of the questions he was asked was about working with his co-star Pascal in The unbearable weight of massive talent and any stories you’d like to share. “First of all, Pedro Pascal is a genuinely nice man,” he wrote. “You couldn’t ask for a nicer, more personable person to work with. Second, he has a unique sense of humor. It’s the kind of humor where I don’t know if he’s really joking or not.” making a joke As a comment on the appearance of a cabbage in a cabbage field. And he made me wonder if he was a method actor and was in character and adding a kind of confusing dimension to the role of Javi, or if he really thought the cabbage was funny. I am still confused by this. I mean, who makes a cabbage joke except him? It’s just not fun!


But the AMA itself ranged from questions about Cage’s roles, his hopes for future projects, and which directors he’d like to work with. “I would love to work with Christopher Nolan. I would love to work with Ari Aster, I would love to work with Robert Egger. Spike Lee too.”

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Cage was honest for most of his AMA, giving fans a look at movies he’d like to see in the future. “I would like to play Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo because of the character’s love of the ocean. I’m sharing that with him. Or if any of the quotes from the movie that people yell at him in public annoy him: ‘I have no problem with any of the quotes, I’m glad you remember the movie.”

One of the recent turning points for Cage was his work on the miguel sarnoski movie Pig. Cage started talking about the film when asked why he decided to make it and how it differed from much of his work. “Thank you. I was interested in going back to a calmer, more naturalistic style of film acting, having done a number of more operatic acting styles. The film feels more like a folk song or poem to me, and the character of Rob was dealing with tremendous pain and self-imposed isolation and I think that we as a group of people experiencing a pandemic in 2020-21 are probably also having similar feelings of loss and isolation and it struck a nerve that we were all experiencing. favorite movies, and it’s probably my best work.

And most importantly to me, Cage’s response to whether or not he would do a face/out two? A resounding “Yes”. The entire AMA is a gift not only to Cage fans, but to anyone who loves the movies while delving into their friendships (like saying how he’s spellbound by Ethan HawkeThe talent of) and it’s just a genuinely fun read.


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