New Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Arrives Tomorrow

Many of Netflix’s most popular shows have returned or will return this year, with Strange things arguably the biggest of them all. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the fourth season of the show ever since Season 3 was pulled in the summer of 2019. The horror series is finally returning next month and Netflix has just announced that a new trailer for Season 4 will drop tomorrow.

Netflix made the announcement on its Twitter page simply saying β€œStrange things 4 trailer tomorrow!” There is no trailer trailer or image attached to the post. Just those five simple words. However, this is Strange things and that’s all you need to have fans dying of excitement. It will definitely be interesting to see what the trailer will reveal given that we don’t know much about the upcoming season yet. Until now I know that port david‘s Hopper is alive in Russia, millie bobby brown‘s Eleven has moved to California with the Byers family, and the rest of our fan-favorite characters are still dealing with supernatural happenings in Hawkins.


The Duffer Brothers recently spoke with Deadline about the scope of Strange things Season 4. They talked about the three different stories and how the scale of the story has been greatly expanded. They even called it their “Game of Thrones” season just to give fans an idea of ​​the sprawl of upcoming episodes. They also revealed that they needed an additional episode to fit everything they wanted into the story, and in terms of episode length, Season 4 will be the longest season of Strange things till the date. In this same interview, they also promised that the Upside Down will become much clearer this season. Fans will get some of the answers they’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the series. This is the penultimate season, after all, and the Upside Down has only gotten more mysterious as time has gone on.

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While that still isn’t much, this promises to be the series’ most exciting season to date. After all the cryptic messages we’ve received so far from various teasers and posters, we hope that this new trailer will show a clearer picture of the direction of this adventure horror epic.

Strange things Season 4 will premiere its first half on May 27, 2022, before ending its season on July 1, 2022. As we eagerly await the new trailer, you can enjoy the first three seasons of Strange things right now on Netflix.

You can check out Netflix’s announcement tweet below.


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