Moon Knight Post-Credits Scene Explained

Now that was fun, wasn’t it? The series finale for Marvel’s Moon Knight has premiered, and this final episode had absolutely everything. From resurrection to deals with gods and epic fight scenes that had mortals and gods take a swing, Episode 6 had all a fan could hope for. However, hidden in the episode were clues as to where the journey of the Moon Knight would lead and none more so than in the post-credits scenes of the episode.

A dapper-looking Khonshu sits in a white limousine and orders the killing of the cult leader, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and the goddess, Ammit trapped inside him. Harrow serves as a mortal ushabti, a prison for the death goddess. The orders of the moon god are followed through by a Spanish-speaking oscar isaac who Khonshu introduces as “his friend” Jake Lockley. So, how did we get here, and what could it all mean?


In Episode 6, Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) has arrived in A’aru, the Field of Reeds and by his own admission to Taweret, our beloved hippo goddess, he likes it there. But, he does not stay there long, returning to the sands of the Duat to help free Steven who got trapped there at the end of Episode 5. After a little speech from Marc which touched the heart of Osiris, god of the underworld, Marc and Steven are released and the gates back to the land of the living are opened.

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Arthur Harrow and his goons make it to the Chamber of the Gods and there Ammit is released from her stone prison. She bends her own rules to make Arthur her avatar whose scales are not balanced, so much for justice. Marc’s wife, Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) with the help of Taweret finds Khonshu’s ushabti and releases him. What follows is a battle between gods and the death of many avatars.

Khonshu is easily humbled in his bout with Ammit, but his release brings about the resurrection of Marc Spector/Steven Grant, the moon god’s Fist of Justice. Layla for her own part of her agrees to become the avatar of Taweret, and she becomes the Scarlet Scarab – you can count on Taweret to offer up a badass costume. Marc and Steven take him on Harrow and his minions on the streets of Cairo and an epic fight scene follows. The fight is not going well and Marc/Steven black out, and by the time they regain consciousness, all their opponents are floored. So absolute is the defeat that Layla asks “What the hell was that?” It’s a hint at a far more violent alter within Marc Spector.

Marc and Layla carry Arthur back to the Chamber of the Gods and there they begin a ritual that binds Ammit to a mortal ushabti while she still battles Khonshu. The moon god orders Marc to kill Arthur and thus eliminate both him and Ammit for good. Marc is inclined to do so but Layla talks him out of it. He demands his freedom from him from Khonshu’s service and the moon good seemingly agrees.

With Arthur and Ammit defeated and bound together the episode concludes with Marc and Steven waking up in Steven’s London apartment still strapped at one leg to a post. All throughout the series and in the final episode, a third alter has been hinted at. When Arthur shoots and seemingly kills Marc and Steven in the tomb of Alexander the Great, he says, “I’m sorry it had to end this way, Marc Spector, Steven Grant. Whoever else might be in there.” And then during the final battle between Marc/Steven and Arthur Harrow, when Marc regains consciousness after blacking out he asks Steven, “That wasn’t you, was it, Steven?” to which Steven replies “Not a chance, mate.”

In the third episode, in a fight between Marc and some of Arthur’s goons, Marc blacks out again and neither he nor Steven are responsible for the death of the henchmen. When one pleads with him to let them go, Marc replies, “That wasn’t me.” All signs pointed to a potential third alter, one who we met in the post-credits: Jake Lockley, a darker alter than both Marc and Steven put together.

Who Really Is Jake Lockley?

In the original comics, Jake Lockley was a distinct alter from both Marc and Steven. Jake is the shady cab driver that offers up information that Marc uses to combat crime across the city. His access to such a pool of information comes from his deep connections with the criminal underworld. Jake uses his cab to pick up individuals while also extracting information. He is depicted wearing a peaked cap in the comics. It would seem the series want to maintain that look as the post-credits scenes show.

After defeating Arthur Harrow, we see the cult leader (and Ammit within him), in a hospital, Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital – a tribute to Bill Sienkiewicz, who drew the comics’ first solo series. Jake speaks Spanish to a nurse, before wheeling Harrow out of the hospital. Harrow knows something is clearly afoot as he sees hospital staff lying in a pool of blood. He is then bundled into a limousine where he sees Khonshu. The moon god cannot harm Harrow physically and this makes the cult leader mock the deity who goes on to make a troubling revelation. He reveals that he never had a need for Layla to be his Avatar of him, as he had implied to Marc numerous times during the series.

It would seem as though Marc and Steven do not know about the existence of the third alter, Jake Lockley, but they are sure to find out soon if we get more of Moon Knight. Jake, for all it’s worth, seems to be in perfect tune with Khonshu, obeying his orders from him to kill Harrow. So, when the moon god released the personalities of Marc and Steven, he held on to the one that is Jake Lockley, still keeping control of his Fist of Justice.


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