Monkey Island Sequel Coming Soon From Creator Ron Gilbert & LucasFilm Games

Devolver Digital and LucasFilmGames have announced that a new entry in the beloved Monkey Island the series is on its way, with the creator of the original series ron gilbert steering the ship. The new game, called Return to Monkey IslandIt will be released sometime this year.

News of the new game first surfaced on Gilbert’s Twitter page, where he posted a tweet saying “Something we’ve been working on for the last 2 years in complete secrecy.” Linked in the tweet was the announcement trailer for Return to Monkey Island. This was quickly followed by tweets from both LucasFilmGames and Return Digital also announcing the game, as well as a new website for the upcoming title. The new game will pick up its story after the series’ entry in 1991, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. The development team behind the title will be Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox studio working in collaboration with LucasFilmGames and Devolver Digital.


Details about the game are currently unknown, but fans have pointed out that the description of Return to Monkey Island says that the game will continue after the second entry in the series, although this is not the last game to be released, far from it. There have been a total of five games in the series, with the most recent outing being Monkey Island Tales, released in 2009 and developed by Telltale Games. The reasoning for this can be found in one of Gilbert’s blog posts dating back to 2013 titled “If I did another Monkey Island.” One of the things he mentioned is that the game would continue with the second game, which makes sense since Gilbert left LucasArts in 1992, meaning he didn’t work on the projects that followed the game’s second entry.

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In the post, Gilbert says:

“All games after monkey island 2 they don’t exist in my Monkey Island universe. My apologies to all the talented people who worked on them and the people who loved them, but I’d like to pick up where I left off. Baggage free. At a carnival. That doesn’t mean I won’t steal some good ideas or characters from other games. I’m not above that.”

In a separate blog post, he clarified, “I’d like to have the freedom to take the story where I want it to go and not feel obligated to stick with the games that followed. If I end up being able to make this game at some point, everyone we can find that it fits very well in the middle monkey island 2 and curse of monkey island.”

the Monkey Island The series is a collection of point and click adventure games that made its debut in 1990 with The secret of monkey island Developed by Lucas Arts. Its sequel, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge continued the following year. The series has a total of five entries, ending with the one mentioned above. Monkey Island Tales.

The series stars Guybrush Threepwood and his many misadventures as he tries to become a famous pirate, which often sees him taking on the undead pirate Captain LeChuck and vying for the affections of Elaine Marley. Guybrush is voiced by Armed Sunday, who will reprise his role in this upcoming title. Other returning series alumni include series composers miguel earth, Peter McConnelland clint bajakian as well as Series Writer And Programmer, Dave Grossmanwho led to Twitter to express their enthusiasm for showing what they have been working on in recent years.

Return to Monkey Island is scheduled to release sometime in 2022. You can check out the new announcement trailer for the upcoming return to the series below.


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