Miles Morales Proves He’s the Best Marvel Hero to Defeat the Predator

An outstanding variant cover featuring Miles Morales and the Predator just proved that he’s the best Marvel hero that can take on the alien hunter.

the predator has been making quite the debut in the Marvel universe, but it seems like they’ve finally met their match as Miles Morales proves he’s the best hero to defeat them. Recently, Marvel debuted a new line-up of variant covers for its other comics featuring the Predator taking them on. Some notable issues include the Predator holding the Green Goblin’s decapitated head, tackling the Hulk in an amazing feat of strength and performing a sneak attack on Captain America. However, one issue stands above the rest as the most interesting, and that’s their epic battle with Spider-Verse hero Miles Morales.


Miles Morales has become a hero that’s only gained in popularity since his debut in Ultimate Fallout following the death of Peter Parker. While he was originally met with some mixed reactions by fans, Morales has since risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular Spider heroes in the Marvel canon. From having his own comics to starring in the Spider-Verse movie series, Miles has come to stand on his own. Thousands even has his own Avengers team made up of his variants of him. Now, Marvel’s new Predator variant covers have him taking on one of the most infamous villains in movie history…and it suggests that he may be the only one that could take him down.

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The cover for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #40 is designed by artist Mattia de Iulis. It depicts Miles Morales and the Predator in close-range combat with Miles preparing a venom strike on the hunter while they have him locked with their wrist blades. Both are cloaked with their camouflaging ability to showcase just how similar the two actually are. This little detail though is the key to why Miles has a chance to get the upper hand. Mile’s ability to cloak and blend in with his surroundings may not cause him to go completely unnoticed by the Predator since they have thermal imaging in their helmet, but it can help him to be more unpredictable in a fight. Though given Miles’ invisibility recently received an upgrade in Devil’s Reign that allowed him to escape electronic detection, it’s not impossible that he’d slip by the Predator’s sensors.

Miles Morales vs.  predator

By blending at just the right time, he can sneak in some punches that even the Predator can’t see coming in a split second to catch them off guard for the ultimate devastating move though: his venom strike. Since this ability is primarily electrical, landing one square at the Predator’s mask could cause a short circuit powerful enough to render it useless in the fight, as well as briefly paralyze the hunter to give Miles a chance to remove the mask himself. With the Predator’s thermal vision supplied by the mask out of play, victory becomes guaranteed for Miles as he can utilize his camouflage more effectively without being seen. Of course, the Predator would likely engage their self-destruct rather than be beaten, but it would still mean that they concede defeat, proving that they had been bested.

Out of the 20 variant covers issued by Marvel, only a few have shown the Predator on equal footing with Marvel heroes. One even shows Thor knocking the hunter down, but he’s surrounded by dozens of Predators, hinting that he could be easily taken down if it’s not a one-on-one battle. Miles stands above the rest because he has the abilities necessary to render the Predator’s thermal imaging useless and a way to keep his moves unpredictable to work up to that point. Miles Morales has proven himself to be an amazing Marvel hero, and this cover art with the predator not only solidifies this but also shows just how powerful he can be when taking on the Galaxy’s Deadliest Hunter.

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Look for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #40 when it releases on July 20th!

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