Memphis Finally Reveals The Real Meaning Behind Her Name

Aside from 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days fans wanted to know how tall Memphis Smith is, there have been questions about the origins of his name.

Memphis Smith, who recently married Hamza Moknii on 90 Day Fiance, he recently surprised fans by revealing why he was given his unique name. Memphis, 34, met Hamza, a 28-year-old Tunisian, online, like many other couples in All in 90 Days: Before 90 Days and got engaged before flying home. When she was in Kairouan, Memphis learned that Hamza was 26 and asked her what else she had lied to him about. But that didn’t change Memphis’s mind about postponing her wedding scheduled for two weeks. Memphis felt cheated, but by the end of the season, she and Hamza were married and pregnant with a baby.


Memphis went from being a single mother of two to being married and a mother of three during the month she spent in Turkey. She had been single for four years after her divorce when she met Hamza and decided to marry him. But Memphis’s belief in having premarital sex to test her compatibility with Hamza was ridiculed, as was her hassle during the trip. Hamza at one point said that he was afraid of Memphis because of her screaming and also wondered if he had betrayed her by sleeping at her ex’s house after they started dating her. A translator helped fix the communication gap between Hamza and Memphis eventually and the ending is what made fans believe these two were meant to be.

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But there were plenty of questions about Memphis that were still baffling fans after seeing her on All in 90 Days: Before 90 Days. TLC viewers wanted to know how tall Memphis is. Many others wanted to know the meaning of his wonderful name. While Memphis revealed that she is four feet nine and a half in January, it was through a recent Instagram post that she opened up about the story behind her name. A Memphis native commented on Memphis’ Instagram asking if her parents grew up there. “i was born in memphis”, replied the registered nurse to her curious follower.

Memphis currently appears to reside in Muskegon, Michigan, which is listed as a location during his All in 90 Days: Before 90 Days segments A spoiler about Memphis’ marriage to Hamza was revealed before their wedding on the show when Memphis registered to vote in Ottawa County, Michigan. according to In contactMemphis registered under his name Memphis Chardell-Arden Mokni in October 2021. Meanwhile, fans who wanted to know when Hamza came to America got no clear answers during the Tell-All Finale.

Memphis began to feel unwell during the filming of the reunion. She decided to leave the All in 90 Days: Before 90 Days Tell-All Part 2 is set earlier. Hamza, who stayed behind for a few minutes, revealed that he was unable to witness the birth of his baby because he had not yet arrived in the US It was after the baby was five weeks old that Hamza arrived in Michigan. Meanwhile, Memphis and Hamza appear to be staying in Michigan as they are rumored to be filming a new 90 day fiancé spin-off with her baby. It sounds like Memphis has no plans to return to the eponymous city of Mephis any time soon, but fans are surely curious as to where her relationship with Hamza is headed.

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Source: Memphis Smith/Instagram, InTouch

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