MBTI® Of The Walking Dead Characters

Even after enduring the losses of many beloved fan favorites, The Walking Dead still maintains a colorful cast of characters that their fanbase treasures. Though character development is not always their strong suit, the show’s writers have managed to create some iconic and relatable characters, which is backed up by The Walking Dead MBTI®.

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The good, the bad, the heroes, the villains, the loved, and the hated; all the characters have unique personalities that shape the show into what it is. Let’s take a look at TWD‘s remaining characters and their Myers‑Briggs® personality types.


Rosita Espinosa – ENTP

Rosita from The Walking Dead looking to her left, with a worried expression

As one of the best walking Dead characters, Rosita has always been portrayed as strong-willed. She is outspoken, has no patience for foolishness, and is assertive to just about anyone. ENTPs are described as being creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick.

Rosita definitely meets those traits. Her creative and resourceful thinking de ella saved her and Eugene from the Whisperers in season 9, when she quickly came up with the idea to camouflage with mud. In tense situations, Rosita is never slow to react. She is astute and perceptive. ENTPs are known as “The Visionary”, and Rosita’s walking Dead MBTI® meets that description.

King Ezekiel – ENFJ

King Ezekiel from The Walking Dead looking into the distance

The Walking Dead has presented several characters that are shown to have unique coping mechanisms regarding living in a post-apocalyptic world. When King Ezekiel was introduced in season 7, he flaunted an outgoing, bright person.

ENFJs are described as popular and sensitive, and they are known to have outstanding people skills. King Ezekiel is definitely a people person and is shown to be not only respected but loved and adored by his community. Another aspect of Ezekiel’s ENFJ personality is his concern for the feelings of others. He very much values ​​thinking with his heart about him, sometimes more than thinking with his head about him. ENFJs are known as “The Giver”, as they serve others and hold the needs of others above their own, providing another fitting walking Dead MBTI®.

Michonne – ISTJ

Walking Dead Season 9 Scars Michonne Pregnant

ISTJs are known as “The Duty Fulfiller”, as it is said that they can usually accomplish any task they put their mind to. Michonne has always been portrayed as a strong survivor, having the ability to survive on her own in the apocalypse, with two mutilated walkers as her bodyguards. This was not only impressive, but it showed her adaptability to extreme situations; using the enemy to her own advantage of her.

Michonne is not only serious, quiet, and hard-working – which are key traits in ISTJs – she is also shown to be caring and nurturing. After losing her child in the early days of the apocalypse, Michonne became a loving mother to Carl and Judith.

Carol – INTJ

Carol from The Walking Dead with short hair

Carol has been through more than her share of hardship and grief, with a number of things she needs to resolve before the end of The Walking Dead. Her humble beginning as a meek housewife type makes her evolution to a warrior–and one of the only original survivors on the show–all the most satisfying.

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INTJs are regarded as “The Scientist”, being independent, analytical, original, and determined. Carol definitely has all of these traits. At her character’s core, Carol is a mother who would do absolutely anything to protect her children from her. Tragedy has failed her countless times, and she has been forced to endure terrible things, more than anyone else on the show. Carol’s INTJ traits shine through, especially in her darkest hours.

Daryl Dixon- INFJ

Daryl from The Walking Dead looking serious

Daryl has plenty of greatest enemies in The Walking Dead, and when combining this fact with his exterior, it makes him appear as a gruff, mumbling redneck, his true personality is sensitive and intuitive. INFJs are known as “The Protector”, and Daryl is always shown to be going to great lengths to protect the people he loves.

He is quietly forceful, and being a man of few words, his intelligence is often overlooked. The events of season 9 presented a rift between the communities, and the leaders of Hilltop, Alexandria, and the Kingdom were shown to be at odds with each other. Daryl went off to live in the wilderness after Rick’s disappearance, and during the six year time jump that took place, it was implied that Daryl made visits to every community. Even though the communities were fighting, Daryl’s perseverance to do the right thing was respected by everyone, and he was welcome everywhere.

Lydia- ISFP

Lydia from The Walking Dead with cuts on her face

She was forced to grow up under her mother’s unrelenting wrath and cruelty, but Lydia is portrayed to be nothing like Alpha. ISFPs are known as “The Artist”, being quiet, serious, sensitive, and kind. They also do not like conflict, which is another one of Lydia’s key traits of her. When Daryl and co. found her in season 9, she surrendered immediately.

Unlike her mother, Lydia is not interested in leading or controlling others. She had a fledgling romance with Henry, and following his death, she was shown to be burdened with guilt. Carol even had to talk her out of ending her life.

Aaron – INFP

Aaron has a kind and selfless nature, despite his difficulties in life before and during the apocalypse. He is always putting others first, and he has always strived to serve humanity. He was a recruiter in Alexandria, showing that he is interested in understanding and helping people. The fact that Aaron is the reason that Rick’s group was granted sanctuary in Alexandria is far too often overlooked.

INFPs are referred to as “The Idealist”, and are described as quiet and reflective. This is one of the reasons why Aaron is such a likable character, as he does not act on impulse and is able to consider the possibilities before taking initiative.

Negan – ENTJ

ENTJs, or, “The Executive”, are driven to lead. Negan used this trait to not only adapt, but thrive in the apocalypse. Of course, the fact that he is obviously a narcissistic psychopath helped a lot. Negan is assertive and outspoken. With his talent for weaving words into unforgettable speeches and his charming, yet sadistic personality, Negan created the Sanctuary.

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His power to control people gained him an extremely large flock of loyal followers, who were so dedicated to serving him that they religiously repeated the phrase, “I’m Negan”.

Eugene Porter – INTP

Close up of Eugene with cuts on his face from The Walking Dead

Eugene is most notable for his unique way with words, and his inhibitions when it comes to social interactions. INTPs are known as “The Thinker”, and one of Eugene’s main qualities is definitely thoughtfulness.

INTPs highly value knowledge, competence, and logic. This is especially true for Eugene, to the point where he tends to be obnoxious and arrogant. Telling Abraham, “Trust me, I’m smarter than you” is just one example. Infamously lying about the fact that he knew of a cure for the walker’s disease was one of Eugene’s most significant storylines, which showcased his trait of being not very well-equipped to meet the emotional needs of others.

Judith Grimes – ESTP

Cailey Fleming as Judith in The Walking Dead

Although she is one of the youngest characters in The Walking Dead, Judith is very interested in serving others. ESFPs are referred to as “The Persuader”, and are described as being people-oriented and fun-loving.

Despite growing up with Michonne’s reluctance to let new people into their home, Judith is determined to honor her brother’s (perhaps unrealistic) wish for a peaceful community, wanting everyone to live in harmony. To achieve this, Judith constantly goes against Ella’s Michonne’s rules, recruiting Magna’s gang, convincing Michonne to attend King Ezekiel’s trading fair, and even befriending Negan.

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