Marmaduke Trailer Reveals Pete Davidson Voicing the Untrainable Great Dane

Netflix released the first official trailer for marmadukethe last movie under the Marmaduke brand that you see SNL Superstar pete davidson take up the mantle of big-hearted jester from a Great Dane. This latest adaptation of the long-standing brad anderson The comic strip sees the titular canine brought to life in 3D CGI animation and trying to make the leap from man’s best friend to dog show champion. It will debut exclusively on the streamer on April 28.

The trailer really emphasizes how much of a troublemaker Marmaduke is. After a cannonball ruins a barbecue, the family’s dog goes viral and makes the local news as the most untrainable dog. This catches the attention of a world-renowned dog whisperer who is trying to introduce Marmaduke to the world of elite show dogs. Trying to turn the naturally clumsy and mischievous Great Dane into a prim and proper champion is not easy. He overeats to the point of gassing an entire park with his farts, knocking down everything in sight and making incredible messes that flood the house. Debbie, the matriarch of the Marmaduke family, puts it best by saying, “Some dogs are meant to be champions. Some dogs are meant to be…dogs.”


marmaduke It sounds like a totally harmless and light-hearted dog movie showing that you don’t need to have the best dog in the world by dog ​​show standards, as long as you have a dog that loves you like no other. Mark A-Z Dippe, matt philip whelanY Youngki Lee are directing the film together, bringing a wealth of visual effects knowledge from work on films like The Hunt for Red October, 42Y american gods. Andrews McMeel Entertainment and Legacy Classics are producing the film.

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The last time marmaduke appeared in the cinema Owen Wilson was the man behind the dog in a live-action movie that linked him to a cat named Carlos played by George Lopez, as they moved from rural life in Kansas to sunny Orange County with their family. They also starred as the owners of Marmaduke and Carlos. lee rhythm, Judy Greer, Finley Jacobson, caroline sunY mila haines. Despite a decent cast, it was widely panned by critics, but this latest version has another set of stars to make. marmaduke works. In addition to Davidson, the film also stars J K Simmons, david koechner, jason anthony, shelby youngY Stephen Stanton.

marmaduke premieres exclusively on Netflix on April 28. Check out the trailer below:


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