Kingdom Hearts 4’s Trailer May Have Revealed Where Sora’s Apartment Is

The stunning Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement trailer revealed that Sora resides in a posh apartment that fans were able to find in the real world of Tokyo.

The kingdom hearts 4 The announcement trailer that stunned the world on Sunday morning featured Sora waking up in a luxury apartment, and one fan thinks they’ve discovered the real-world location it’s based on. when the first kingdom hearts game was released on the PS2 twenty years ago, saw the unlikely marriage of Final Fantasy and Disney characters. The odd combination blended surprisingly well with the game’s action RPG and has since seen the release of over a dozen entries to the franchise.

The fans waited a long time kingdom hearts 3 to finally come to consoles in 2019. While the series has seen a plethora of releases across both handheld and mobile gaming, the overall story of the series came to something of a conclusion at the end of KH3. However, a loose end led to a cliffhanger that seemed to be the beginning of a new story for the kingdom hearts Serie. From the KH4 trailer was released, many fans have been searching it for clues to learn more about Sora’s next adventure. An observant amateur believes that he has a good idea where part of KH4 it will happen


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A fan has been able to determine the actual location of Sora’s apartment seen in the kingdom hearts 4 announcement trailer. reported via rant of the gameTwitter user aitaikimochi posted comparison photos of the new trailer next to the residential area known as Aoyama, Tokyo. The images reveal huge skyscrapers filled with extremely expensive lofts that overlook the beautiful modern city, which is almost identical to the world seen in the KH4 trailer. Aitaikimochi did some more digging to discover that Sora-inspired apartments can be rented for around two thousand dollars a month in one of the most expensive areas of Tokyo.

The modern-looking world seen in the KH4 The trailer is called Quadratum, and it’s the most realistic world fans have seen in the entire kingdom hearts Serie. Previous games in the franchise have visited worlds from Disney and Pixar movies, including some original worlds created for the series’ complicated and imaginative story. Fans of the series are incredibly excited to see which franchises will be included in the new game, which could very well bring Disney-owned properties like Star Wars and marvel in kingdom hearts 4.

kingdom hearts he has often followed his heroes through a variety of worlds with different art styles with very different results. Previous adventures have seen Sora magically transform to alter his appearance to fit into worlds like The Lion King, The little MermaidY The pirates of the caribbean. Sora’s newest look has him in a world that is more like our world than any seen in the previous series. Most likely a few years before Kingdom Hearts IV launches, and until then, fans will have to wait to see what else Square Enix has in store for the franchise.

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