Kendall Long Reveals She Is ‘In Love’ With New Boyfriend

Bachelor In Paradise star Kendall Long has revealed that she is in love with her new boyfriend after her much-publicized breakup with Joe Amabile in 2020.

single in paradise star Kendall Long revealed that she is “loved” with her new boyfriend. Kendall, the 30-year-old author of Just Curious: A Question Bookfirst came to the attention of Bachelor Nation during Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor in 2018. Kendall was a taxidermist, and during their hometown date, she shared her collection of preserved animals with Arie. Kendall made it to the final 3 for the season, but Arie ultimately chose Lauren Burnham and Becca Kufrin to be the final 2 women for her.

During the summer of 2018, Kendall joined the cast of single in paradise season 5, where she met Joe Amabile aka “Grocery Store Joe” who was eliminated on night one of Becca’s season of High school. They became a couple on the show, but broke up before the end of the season. However, they got back together in the season finale in September 2018. Unfortunately, in January 2020, Kendall and Joe announced that they were splitting up, citing their long-distance relationship as the reason. Chicago native Joe and Los Angeles resident Kendall couldn’t compromise on where they would live. In the summer of 2021, Joe became a contestant on single in paradise season 7 and instantly fell in love with Serena Pitt, who reciprocated his feelings. Kendall eventually made it to the beach as well, but Joe’s devotion to Serena was unwavering, and after a while, Kendall left without making a real connection with anyone else. Kendall came back during the finale to get closure from Joe. Joe then proposed to Serena, and the two are still happily engaged.


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In an Instagram post, Kendall revealed that she is “loved” with her new boyfriend, Mitchell Sage, the first man she has publicly acknowledged as a romantic interest since her split from Joe. Mitchell, who is an aerospace engineer, seems like the perfect match for Kendall, who describes herself as a “science enthusiast/curiosity explorer” in his Instagram bio. Kendall posted a series of photos with the caption, “By the way, I’m in love. And just like our relationship, these pictures are getting weirder and weirder.” The collection of images included snaps of the couple spending time together at a park, a restaurant and a museum, snuggling up and looking cozy. There were also some goofy photos of Kendall and Mitchell joking around with each other.

Support for Kendall’s new relationship came from Bachelor Nation. Astrid Loch, Amanda Stanton, Jade Roper, Chelsea Vaughn, JoJo Fletcher, Ashley Iaconetti and Blake Horstmann were just a few of Kendall’s many co-stars and friends who sent their best wishes from her. Kendall seems to agree with Mitchell based on some of her responses to her comments on the post. When Caroline Lunny wrote “I love you Mitch 10/10” Kendall replied: “he is an archer.” Dominique Alexis applauded Kendall’s announcement, writing: “Yassss with the hard throw!!” and Kendall replied “With a cutie like this I go to the end” with a winking face emoji. There was also an outpouring of support from Kendall’s fans who were delighted to see her so happy in her new relationship with Mitchell.

Kendall may not have found her forever love in The Bachelor either single in paradise, but she seems very happy with her new boyfriend, Mitchell. She is so deserving of the love that she is looking for. Hopefully, this relationship will be her happily ever after.

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Source: Kendall Long/Instagram

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