John Stones explains why Man City have the edge over Liverpool – ‘we don’t get sucked in’

John Stones reckons Man City’s increased experience in close title races could help them see off Liverpool this season, and he dispelled one particular narrative heading into this weekend’s crucial clash.

The rivalry between Liverpool and Man City has lit up the Premier League in recent seasons. City edged out the Reds in 2018/19 by a single point and left Jurgen Klopp’s side empty-handed despite collecting 97 points.

City withstood the pressure in the closing stages of that campaign, winning their last 14 games in a row to prove they couldn’t be broken mentally.

Liverpool he roared in style the following year, racking up 99 points to lift his first Premier League title.

An unprecedented injury crisis thwarted their title defense the following year, but in the current campaign, the two great rivals are once again in a fierce battle to be crowned champions of England.

The two clubs meet at the Etihad on Sunday with a single point separating them in the table.

AND via ESPNCity center back john stones explained why City have what it takes to contain Liverpool’s charge after they erased an earlier 14-point deficit.

2019 title race will serve the city well: John Stones

“It all came down to the last game [in 2019]so we’ve been in these situations before and we definitely learned from the experience of that moment,” Stones said.

“We went 14 games undefeated and we know that every game is very important to us.

“We don’t get sucked in by all the outside noise and we don’t focus on what we’re doing. That’s the whole time I’ve been here, we’ve been very focused and tunnel vision on what lies ahead.

“Everyone in that locker room wants to come out on the winning side and we will do everything in our power to make it happen.”

A general story surrounding Sunday’s clash is that the victor will lift the title.

Given the respective strength of the two squads, it is quite possible that the victor will win the remaining matches and thus cannot be caught.

However, Stones refuted the notion that Sunday’s match is actually a title decider.

“I don’t think so,” the England defender added. “I don’t think much about it because you can get carried away.

“Obviously it is an important game, we are first and second in the table, everyone knows that, but we have to focus on ourselves and how we play our football and not change our football.

“We are human beings and we know what is at stake in this game and how important it is to us, but every game this season has been a final for us, so we don’t approach it any differently.

“Obviously there’s additional buzz about the game personally and what it means, but it’s just another game. It doesn’t necessarily mean what will end at the end of the season.”

Sunday’s result could go a long way in determining the fate of the Premier League trophy. However, city ​​man Like Liverpool, they also compete on two other fronts.

Both clubs will meet in the FA Cup semi-final the following weekend and both will take advantage in the second legs of the Champions League quarter-finals.

“This week is vital for us in how we prepare and stay calm because we’ve been in situations like this before,” Stones added.

“We try to maintain a winning streak and keep a clean sheet as many as we can and continue to improve as individuals and as a team.

“We approach it the same way we approach the Carabao Cup, the FA Cup, the Champions League.

“Whatever, whoever we play against and I think that’s why we’ve been so successful over the years.

“Especially with the respect that we give the opposition and how we focus on ourselves and know what we can affect, which is how we train this week, prepare ourselves mentally and physically this week and give it our all for ourselves and our teammates.”

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