John Cena Action-Comedy Officer Exchange Lands at Amazon Prime Video

A new project that we can see John Cena just found a new home. The Action Comedy Project exchange of officers It was reportedly sold to Amazon Studios with Cena set to appear in the title role. The project is currently under development.

Reported by Deadline, the suicide squad Y Pacifier The star will be in the main feature project as Shepard, or simply “Shep,” who is described as a “wrecking ball of a cop.” The story sees him team up with an Indian police officer to take on a diamond smuggling ring stationed in India. The script was written by ben zazove Y Evan Turnerthe pair wrote the comedy film. the outlaw which is currently in post-production for Netflix. Zazove’s other writing credits include Paramount’s Sherlock Gnomes. The film has yet to have any additional cast members besides Cena announced, nor has a release date or release window been revealed.


Cena will also serve as executive producer on the project with Peter Saffran ready to produce the project for Amazon along with John Rickard, both through The Safran Company. The Safran Company is also one of the production companies that worked with Cena on jame gunn‘s Pacifier for HBO. Safran served as executive producer on that series with Rickard serving as producer. Cena was also a co-executive producer on the popular series.

Image via Paramount Pictures

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Cena has been keeping busy in recent years when it comes to his acting career. The 16-time WWE Champion’s performance as Peacemaker in Gunn’s 2021 film, the suicide squad, was acclaimed by critics and fans alike, so much so that the character got his own spin-off series on HBO Max. Since then, the character has become a fan favorite and the series exploded in popularity, with its season 1 finale garnering the highest single-day viewership performance for an HBO Max series. With that success, it is not surprising that the Pacifier The series was renewed for a second season in February. In addition to his role in the DC movies, he is also slated to be a part of another Warner Bros. movie, as he will star in an upcoming movie. crazy drawings live-action animated hybrid film Coyote vs. Acme. Other film credits Cena touts include F9, Bumblebee, the Dad’s house franchise, and derailed train.

exchange of officers is currently in development with no currently announced release date or release window.


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