James Gray Set to Write, Direct TV Series About Norman Mailer

james graythe writer and director behind movies like the lost city of z and The immigranthe is now set to write and direct a new drama series about the author norman mail, Deadline Reports. The series is expected to be titled Sender and it will be done in collaboration with the writer’s son, John Buffalo Mail.

Sender is a drama series about the American novelist of the same name. He published his revelation novel, The naked and the dead, at 25 years old. The book was based on the more than 400 letters Mailer sent to his wife while he was stationed in Japan and the Philippines after World War II. In a career that spanned more than six decades, he established himself in journalism, theater and film. He would be especially interested in writing biographies of famous artists, including Pablo Picasso and marilyn monroethe latter of which received controversy over Mailer’s claims that the FBI and CIA murdered Monroe because of her affair with robert f. kennedy.


Mailer also had a long history of political activism with his writing and criticism in his commentary on events such as the Cold War. He would later seek political office as mayor of New York under the Democratic Party, but was unsuccessful. However, he remained a supporter of the political party until his death.

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The series is expected to be based on J.Michael Lennon biography call Norman Mailer: a double life and will explore groundbreaking events detailed in the book, including “a life filled with adventure, sex, love, violence, hope, struggle, betrayal, disappointments, brutal tragedies and epic triumphs, and some of the most influential writing of the 20th century. .”

Sender will be produced by Mailer Tuchman Media, owned by Mailer’s son, along with Rudy Langlais (The hurricane) who will act as executive producer with Mailer, Martin Tuchmanand Jennifer Gelfer. UTA, a production company known for award-winning projects, will also be involved in producing the series, with jeremy barber serving as a representative of the company.

Gray had this to say about working on a series about such an influential figure, stating:

It’s hard to think of another individual whose voice meant more to his time than Norman Mailer’s: he chronicled humanity in all its scandalous, ugly glory through a lens that was uniquely his. I look forward to the exciting challenge of examining his wild legacy through this series.

There is no casting news at this time. However, with the addition of such writing and producing talent so early in production, this series is already showing promise and will be an interesting look into the life of an equally interesting person.


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