Is Mark Wahlberg’s New Movie Worth Watching?

Hollywood reunites fictional father-son duo Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson for the first time since daddy’s house 2 in a biographical drama written and directed by Rosalind Ross. Based on the true story of Stuart Long, father stu stars Wahlberg as the eponymous boxer-turned-priest in a faith-based film he also co-produced. Movies based on Christianity have a reputation for sacrificing quality for heavy-handed preaching. While there are elements of that here, this is a surprisingly well-crafted film that succeeds in telling an inspiring yet tragic story about a man who changes his life.

The film follows Stu, a young boxer dealing with a career-ending injury. The rest of the film surrounds Stu’s journey to find his purpose, going down paths in which he wants to discover himself. He has a short-lived acting career that ends when his life takes a turn for the worse and he decides to become a priest. Stu’s decision set-up is intriguing, as he is put through a wringer in every possible turn, and this continues near the end of the second act. Stu’s perseverance through it all makes him a compelling lead as he deals with his demons, including a strained relationship with his father.

Marky Mark has a distinct acting style. He has recently appeared in movies where he portrays his own recognizable personality, such as Spenser Confidential, Infiniteand this year Unexplored. However, you can always tell when Wahlberg puts in the effort in his performance, as in boogie nights Y The dead people. With her portrayal of Stu, Wahlberg may be pulling out all the stops to get an Oscar for a movie that opens many months before awards season. This is a story where you can feel how genuinely committed Wahlberg is and how much he wants to bring the real-life story into the eyes of more people.

Wahlberg gives his best performance in a decade as Stu, a role to which he devotes himself completely. During the first half, he does an excellent job of showing both charm and confusion. This is an unexpectedly humorous movie, as Stu’s attitude leads to well-written comedic exchanges. But as a movie about a man who finds his second chance through a religious outlet, there are a lot of tragic scenes where we see Stu’s pain. Combined with the weight Wahlberg gained for the role, this is the kind of character that has everything an actor would dream of.

Gibson gives an excellent supporting performance as Stu’s father, playing an unpleasant character who begins to redeem himself as the film progresses. Jacki Weaver is also excellent as Stu’s mother, and the movie is well paced. However, the film’s problems lie with the narrative, which can seem bland and monotonous. Ross’s feature directorial debut has moments of beauty, but his visual style and command of dialogue aren’t strong enough to make the film reach its full potential.

father stu it’s a lot of things. Tragic, emotional and humorous, it serves as a vehicle for two Hollywood stars with bigoted pasts to make a movie about second chances. This movie is about faith and perseverance and what makes it stand out is Wahlberg, who gives an exceptional performance. By the end of the movie, Wahlberg is playing a different character than he was at the beginning, which is high praise for an actor who hasn’t given a performance as remarkable as this in a long time. There is a strong father-son story at the heart of the film, and even though the film has too many stories and takes too long to find an ending, Ross finally manages to tell the story he wants.

The latest from Mark Wahlberg is a movie you might want to see in the theater. But if you’re short on time, you can always watch the trailer that reveals every emotional beat of the story.

SCORE: 7/10

As ComingSoon’s review policy explains, a score of 7 equals “Good.” A successful piece of entertainment that is worth checking out, but may not be to everyone’s taste.

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