How Saw Led to James Wan Making Insidious

Horror director James Wan talks about the inspiration for Insidious, wanting to do something more atmospheric and less gory like his debut film Saw.

Horror director James Wan talks about the inspiration for Insidious while celebrating the film’s recent 11th anniversary. Wan made her career through horror movies like He saw, The spelland the most recent Evil one, as well as through big-budget blockbusters like furious 7 and aquaman. Wan is known for his collaborations with Leigh Whannell, who co-wrote many of Wan’s early films before directing Wan’s own works, including enhance and The invisible man.

Insidious follows a couple whose son falls into a coma and becomes a vessel for malevolent entities to enter the real world from the astral plane. Insidious would go on to spawn four sequels, including the upcoming insidious 5, which will be directed by franchise star and frequent Wan collaborator Patrick Wilson. The four Insidious the films have grossed over a combined $500 million against a combined budget of just $26.5 million.


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Wan, on his Facebook page, talks a bit about the inspiration for Insidiousmentioning that he wanted to shake off the “torture porntag that had been following him since He sawThe massive success of . She talks about wanting to do something more atmospheric and less reliant on gore, drawing inspiration from haunted house ghost stories. He also talks about making the movie on his $1.5 million budget and shooting it in just 24 days, editing it himself on his home computer. Read the quote from him below:

After SAW, I wanted to get rid of the “torture porn” label and do something less graphic and more atmospheric. Being big fans of ghost stories and haunted houses, Leigh Whannell and I wanted to make our own version of those movies, and we felt we could do it for very little money to keep full creative control. We felt that the most important thing the film needed was to be scary, so we dove into the spooky world of astral projection (a subject that fascinates me) and dimensional travel.

The character Dalton from the 2010 horror film Insidious.

With Insidious’ more atmospheric approach to horror, allowed Wan to break into more ambitious projects, with his follow-up The spell earning more than $300 million three years later. The films’ hugely successful returns are what allowed Wan to helm the big franchise entries that most audiences know him for. Insidious it also allowed him to begin his working relationship with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, who would go on to produce other financially successful horror films such as the purge, Pull apartand Salt.

Although Wan’s career has branched out into other genres, last year Evil one it shows that his heart will always be with the horror genre, with its smaller scale allowing for more creative freedom and individual approaches. Even though Insidious and his other franchises tend to flop with the sheer number of sequels, the first movies are always the ones people will remember, and Wan’s work speaks for itself on that front. Whatever’s next for him Insidious franchise, Wan and Whannell’s work has shaped modern horror cinema for better and worse.

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