How Did Marc Spector Die Before Moon Knight?

Moon Knight Episode 2 confirms that Marc Spector died in the past, but the details of what happened are a mystery. Comics might hold the answers.

Warning: SPOILERS for moon knight episode 2

Marc Spector died before moon knight, and that’s probably how Oscar Isaac’s character was killed off. As the new hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding who Marc Spector/Steven Grant is. moon knight is slowly unraveling the main questions each episode leaves viewers with, especially since the series is the first time many have met a favorite comic book character. Thanks to his connections to the Egyptian gods, Marc Spector has abilities far beyond a normal human, as he has even come back from the dead in the MCU canon.


The indication that Marc Spector died in the past and miraculously came back to life was first teased in moon knight episode 1. A mysterious girl at the London museum where Steven Grant works asked what it was like to be shunned from the afterlife by the Egyptian gods when he died. While this confused Steven, moon knight Episode 2 makes it clear that Marc died earlier. During the episode, Khonshu says that Marc was “nothing but a corpse” when he found it. It’s a great detail to include and builds the mystery of what happened to Marc Spector in the past.

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moon knight Episode 2 doesn’t take the time to explore how Marc Spector died earlier. Fortunately, Marvel comics can probably provide the answer to Moon Knight’s backstory and MCU origin. Marc Spector’s origin story as a Moon Knight begins with his death at the end of a mission he undertook as a mercenary. Bushman hired him to attack an archeological site, but Marc ultimately disagreed with Bushman’s decision to kill several of the individuals. When Marc tried to save some people associated with the site, Bushman tracked him down and shot him multiple times. It was when Marc was near death that Khonshu found him and resurrected him, giving him the powers of Moon Knight.


The MCU rarely fully follows the comics with their characters or storylines, so there’s always a chance another explanation for how Marc Spector died sooner will emerge. However moon knight Episode 2 reveals that Marc’s backstory lines up incredibly well with his comedic origin. He confirms that he was a mercenary in the past, while the cops call him an international fugitive involved in an attack on an archeological site with execution-style killings. All of that lines up with Marc’s comics origin and his connection to Bushman. If the MCU loosely bases Moon Knight’s origin on its established comic book canon, then it makes sense that Marc Spector’s death occurred in a similar fashion.

Despite the teasing about how Marc Spector died before moon knightHowever, it’s unclear if the show or future MCU projects will explore this part of his life. Marvel Studios might be happy to leave the details of what happened here a bit ambiguous, as it may add to the confusion as to whether or not Marc’s connection to Khonshu is real. However, showing how Marc Spector died earlier could go a long way in helping audiences come to terms with his origin story and his powers.

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