How Bridgerton Season 2 Successfully Portrays Anthony’s Trauma

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Bridgerton Season 2. One more time, Bridgerton conquer the world with the pair of enemies to lovers in season 2. Although fans of the series were initially upset that Rege-Jean Page they would not appear for this next chapter, now they are sold by the new protagonist of the successful program. Last season, Anthony Bridgerton (brilliantly played by jonathan bailey) didn’t get much of a chance to show off his redeeming qualities, as he was too busy doing his duty as the eldest son trying to find the perfect match for his sister, Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor). However, in Season 2, the character blossoms as viewers learn why he is so controlling over all family matters and come to understand his need to marry without love.

From a cold-hearted viscount to a passionate one, this is how BridgertonThe latest installment of offers a character dive into Anthony’s trauma and how he overcame it.

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sense of duty

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Starting Episode 1, Anthony is finally ready to get married. However, not in the usual way. Instead of looking for his soulmate, the protagonist only looks for a lady who fits his broad criteria of a suitable wife. Through multiple interviews, he sees that finding someone who checks all the boxes won’t be that easy, but he’s determined to succeed because of his sense of duty. A key to understanding Anthony’s backstory and why he is so adamant about doing things his way is because of the responsibilities he had to carry out after his father Edmund’s (Rupert Evans), going.

From casually hunting with his father to becoming the lord of his house, Anthony experienced an instant change of roles and had to adapt quickly. In the immediate aftermath of Edmund’s death, he had to decide on funeral arrangements, comfort his family members, and even weigh whether to prioritize his mother’s life or the life of the baby who was pregnant and could kill her in childbirth. All that weight Anthony had on his shoulders contributed to his wanting to marry someone who would perform the duties of a viscountess to the best of her abilities. He needed his wife to be as willing to put his family first as he was.


a loveless marriage

Anthony Bridgerton looking at a young woman from across the table

Although Anthony’s wish list for a future partner was full of details, there was one thing he was very direct about. He didn’t want to marry a woman he could fall in love with. This certain fear of falling in love was also related to Anthony’s trauma. He not only witnessed the death of his father from a bee sting and later became the authority in the Bridgerton house, but the protagonist also saw the damage that love can cause when “death do us part “. Seeing her mother break down with her father in her arms, begging him not to leave her behind, was too painful.

After Edmund’s passing, Violet (ruth twin) had completely lost his will to live and wanted more than anything to die during Hyacinth’s death (florence hunting) birth so that he could once again be together with his soulmate. Even though his pain dissipated with time, Anthony knew that his mother still mourned her father and that she would do anything to be with him again. This fear of love drives Anthony to almost say “yes” to Edwina (Charithra Chandra) at the altar, even though he knew that the “nightmare of his existence and the object of all his desires” was standing just a few meters away. His sense of duty and the traumatic experience of seeing the damage that true love can cause when he has a tragic destiny was enough to keep him from a life of happiness and lightness.

His irresistible connection with Kate


Certain that he would win his desire by marrying Edwina, the diamond of the season, Anthony could not anticipate that he would be challenged by his sister, Kate (simon ashley). From the start, Kate isn’t afraid to be outspoken and do whatever it takes to protect her sister from her. So much so that she is determined to keep Anthony from getting close to Edwina at the horse race, home visits and dances. But all her efforts were not enough to stop her from proposing to him. Edwina was slow to realize at the altar that he would never look at her the way she looked at her sister, which made Anthony realize that no matter how hard he tried, he was meant to be with her. Kate.

After being comforted by his mother’s advice on love and his steamy moment with Miss Sharma, Anthony was no longer afraid to follow his heart and let his guard down. When he sees Kate fall from her horse during the storm, he realizes that the last thing he would want from her would be to lose her as she lost her father in that accident. At the dance in Episode 8, Anthony isn’t upset about manners or finding another ideal partner that fits his criteria. Instead, Anthony reaches out a hand to Kate and dances with her as if no one is watching. He knew right then that his bond was too special to be diminished.

A happy ending

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Throughout season 2, Anthony went from a stern-looking viscount repressed by duty to a man willing to step back and end his true love. Although the protagonist tried to stick to his own set of rules to protect himself from the traumatic experience he dealt with in the past, Anthony changes his mind when he follows his own wishes about the viscount title. As viewers reach the final minute of the series, they see that Anthony is smiling alongside Kate, but still clinging to his competitive nature. Something the two characters share. As they reach out to get their pall mall decks, he is still trying to get the death deck like the first time the game was played this past season. Anthony isn’t angry at having to give up, though, just at the way he gave up the burden of his family obligations for the sake of his own happiness. Now that he is free of his self-inflicted sense of duty, Anthony is finally able to understand his father’s and mother’s passion for each other through his relationship with Kate.

As we look forward to more of Anthony and Kate’s post-marriage love story in Season 3, Bridgerton Season 2 airs on Netflix.


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