Heartstopper Season 1 Bloopers Are Just As Sweet and Warm As You Expect

If you thought Netflix’s latest hit series heart stopper couldn’t get any cuter… well, the streamer decided to throw a curve ball at you. In a video published today in their official Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account, a little over two minutes of a blooper reel was revealed to fans, and of course, they are as cute and funny as the entire series. The romantic comedy centers around Charlie (joe locke), a teenage boy who becomes a victim of love at first sight after meeting Nick (Kit Connor). The latter thought he was straight, but he starts experiencing new feelings as he hangs out with Charlie.

The blooper reel reveals that, even though there was a lot of drama going on inside and outside the walls of Truham and Harvey Green Grammar High Schools, the young cast could hardly keep a straight face in-between takes. The behind-the-scenes footage also reveals that even the clapper boards got the heart stopper treatment, with colorful doodles made all over their surfaces. In addition, the video reveals that the crew celebrated the 1000th take, which of course represents a lot of work accomplished.


How do you stay in character when Kizzy Edgel hits her head gently against a guitar? or when Cormac Hyde Corrin gets a bunch of water thrown in his face and can barely see anything afterwards? The actors and crew do their best to keep rolling, but it seemed pretty hard to continue without cracking up. Also, the great Oscar winner Olivia Coleman proves she’s human after all when, in the middle of a sweet scene, she admits she forgot her line without breaking character—and then saying she got overwhelmed by Connor’s face. A must-see.

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heart stopper is based on the Webtoon comic of the same name by author and illustrator Alice Osseman. The series was developed for television by Oseman herself – and she provides regular updates about the series’ adaptation to fans on Twitter. All of Season 1 is directed by euro lynwho has helmed several episodes of Doctor Who, Happy Valleyand Marvel’s Daredevil.

Back when the cast was announced, Oseman stated that they “found an incredibly talented group of young actors who are all super passionate about bringing this story to life,” and she added that she knew “each actor will shine.” With the series out and now this blooper reel coming around, we can see that the cast really does seem passionate about the project, and it’s time to get our fingers crossed to see all of them again in Season 2, if Netflix decides to bring them back.

You can stream all eight episodes of heart stopper on Netflix now.

Check out the blooper reel below:


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