HBO Max: Every Movie & TV Show Coming In April 2022

Max HBO has an exciting lineup of movies and TV shows coming to the service in April 2022, with some of the most anticipated titles of the year finally hitting the streaming service. With numerous streaming exclusive TV shows and movies in the works for 2022, HBO Max stands tall as one of the top streaming services, and its stature only grows as it creates more original content. Even without taking into account its original programming, HBO Max’s catalog remains reliably up-to-date with an impressive array of classic shows and movies, holding up for the service’s April 2022 additions.

In March 2022, HBO Max saw the notable additions of many Best Picture nominees for the 2022 Oscars, including drive my car, West Side Story, king richardY Dune. March also marked the debut of several HBO and HBO Max original television shows, such as Our flag means death, DMZand Adam McKay Time to win: The rise of the Lakers dynasty. Closing out the new content for HBO Max titles are Kenneth Branagh’s death on the nile on March 29 and the service’s original film moon shot on March 31.


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New HBO Max titles in April 2022 include the return of multiple comedy TV shows, with premieres anticipated for A Black Lady Sketch Show season 3 (April 8), Stewardess season 2 (April 21), and the long-awaited barry season 3 (April 24). New TV shows will also debut on HBO Max in April 2022. tokyo vice (April 7) and We own this city (April 25), as well as the Barry Levinson film The survivor (April 27). the batman will join HBO Max on April 18, and subscribers will also be able to enjoy the streaming debuts of the house of the night (April 8) and the eternal purge (April 15).

Everything else coming to HBO Max in April 2022:

Promotional photo of Bill Hader for HBO Barry

April 1st:


Annabelle2014 (HBO)

Armed and dangerous1986

Balls Out: Gary, the tennis coach2009

battle los angeles2011

beetle juice1988

The bells are ringing1960

black gold1947

blood ties2014 (HBO)

boys night1962

Brewster McCloud1970

Brie Baking Challenge2022

Soft top2005 (HBO)

brave captains1937

chicago2002 (HBO)

sons of the damned1964

I check out!Max’s original premiere

Dancing with Wolves1990 (HBO) (Extended version)

Erased2013 (HBO)

Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History2022

five easy pieces1970

ghosts of girlfriends past2009

Girl most Likely2013 (HBO)

graffiti bridge1990

Hugo2011 (HBO)


iron eagle1986

Iron Eagle II1988

relatives2018 (HBO)

Krull1983 (HBO)

larry crown2011

The Miserables1998

Unlimited2011 (HBO)

Moon2009 (HBO)

Moscow on the Hudson1984

no fool1994 (HBO)

strange man outside1947

on the sea trip1954

a real singerMax Season 1 Original Premiere

Only lovers are left alive2014 (HBO)

The original sin2001 (HBO) (Extended version)

Peggy Sue got married1986

Breaking point2015 (HBO)

rain man1988 (HBO)

Red2010 (HBO)

Appointment2020 (HBO)

Stir2007 (HBO)


Seven brides for seven brothers1954

sexual desire2008 (HBO) (Extended version)

She wore a yellow ribbon1949

show ship1936

six degrees of separation1993 (HBO)

SLC Punk!1999 (HBO)

Spartan2004 (HBO)

Special agent1935

Summer of ’421971

Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania2017

sweet bird of youth1962

the concrete jungle1950

the great chill1983

The big house1930

The Saints of Boondock II: All Saints’ Day2009 (HBO) (Director’s Cut)

The breaking2006 (HBO)

The Solomon brothers2007 (HBO)

The chosen one1982 (HBO)

the freshman1990 (HBO)

the heartbreak boy2007 (HBO)

The incredible Hulk2008 (HBO)

the informer (also know as a sea bream), Max Season 1 Original Premiere

the ladies man2000 (HBO)

The last Airbender2010 (HBO)

the last detail1973

the last dragon1985

The Raid: Redemption2012 (HBO) (Extended version)

the relic1997 (HBO)

The secret in her eyes2010 (HBO)

The secret Life of Walter Mitty2013 (HBO)

Thawing (also know as Odwilz), Max Season 1 Original Premiere

the thirteenth floor1999

The toy1982

The madness2008 (HBO)

tootsie1982 (HBO)

under the cherry moon1986

Universal Soldier: The Return1999

Vice versa1988

welcome to collinwood2002 (HBO)

Who is Harry CRUMB?1989 (HBO)

Romeo + Juliet by William Shakespeare1996 (HBO)

winter meeting1948

Wrath of the Titans2012

April 2:

batwomanSeason 3


April 4:

the unseen pilotDocumentary Series Premiere (HBO)

5th of April:

Iron Man2013 (HBO)

Tony Hawk: Until the wheels fall offDocumentary Premiere (HBO)

we are the millers2013 (HBO)

April 7:

Close enoughMax Original Season 3

queen starsMax Season 1 Original Premiere

tokyo viceMax Season 1 Original Premiere

trinity of shadowsMax Season 1 Original Premiere

April 8:

A black lady sketch showseason 3 premiere (HBO)

crabs in a barrel2022 (HBO)

My home2022 (HBO)

the house of the night2021 (HBO)

When you clean a stranger’s house2022 (HBO)

April 12th:

black mass2015

April 14th:

The Garcia’sMax Season 1 Original Premiere

Gensan StrikeMax’s original premiere

The great pottery launchMax Season 5 Original Premiere

not so prettyMax Season 1 Original Premiere

April 17th:


April 18th:

the batman2022

April, the 21st:

amsterdamMax Season 1 Original Premiere

Marlon Wayans Presents: The HeadlinersMax Original Special Premiere

StewardessMax Season 2 Original Premiere

April 22:

a small audienceseason 3 premiere (HBO)

Amateur Toy2021 (HBO)

April 24:

barryseason 3 premiere (HBO)

The baby Limited Series Premiere (HBO)

April 25th:

We own this citylimited series premiere (HBO)

April 27:

The survivor2022 (HBO)

28th of April:

Ana Emilia show (also know as Influencer Challenge with Ana Emilia), original premiere of Max

GeezerMax Season 1 Original Premiere

LampsSeason 1-3

made for loveMax Season 2 Original Premiere

Up close with Ana EmiliaMax Original Special Premiere

The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen ShamblinMax Season 1 Part B Original Premiere

April 29:

snow drillsSeason 3

April 30th:

The Blair Witch Project1999

House of 1000 Corpses2003

The Devil’s Rejects2005

What movies are leaving HBO Max in April?

Carey Mulligan drinks through a straw in Promising Young Woman

Making room for the slew of new titles, several movies will also be leaving the HBO Max catalog in late April 2022. Movies leaving HBO Max before April 30 include:

What comes after April on HBO Max?

Matt Smith in House of the Dragon

Following the new additions of TV shows and movies for April 2022, HBO Max subscribers can also look forward to the streaming premiere of M. Night Shyamalan. Ancient in May and the game of Thrones prequel series house of the dragon in 2022.

Also, Matt Reeves the batman is currently set to get at least two spin-off series on HBO Max. Although these projects are still in development and thus far from having confirmed release dates, subscribers can rest assured that when they do arrive, they will likely be exclusive to HBO. The most developed of the batmanThe spinoff to date is a show about Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, following his rise to power in Gotham’s criminal underworld. The show was announced in December 2021, with Colin Farrell signed on to reprise his role as the batman.

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The other the batman The spin-off series officially in the works is an Arkham Asylum-focused show, which is replacing an earlier Reeves project on Gotham PD. Fewer details are available on the status of the Arkham program, but given the batmanThe allusions to the infamous institution, including the fact that Martha Wayne spent time as a patient there, should have plenty of material to work with. Finally, there has also been talk of a third the batman spin-off series centered around Catwoman, but this has yet to be officially confirmed or announced in any way. Although these series will not be in Max HBO In the short term, there is still a lot to look forward to in April 2022.

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