Guardiola states tactical advantage Liverpool hold over Man City; labels Reds ace an ‘exhibition’

Pep Guardiola admitted that Manchester City simply have to accept that Liverpool have a clear advantage going into Sunday’s clash and called a Reds star an “exhibit”.

All eyes will be on the Etihad on Sunday when Liverpool travel to meet manchester city. The result could determine the fate of the Premier League trophy this season with the winner, if any, taking control of their fate heading into the final leg.

In the build-up, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp went overboard in his praise of his counterpart.

In fact, Klopp called Guardiola the “best coach in the world”. Now, Guardiola has responded.

The Spaniard refuted Klopp’s claim, although he thanked him for the praise anyway.

“I did not make a coach to be the best,” said Guardiola (via the Manchester Evening News)

“I’m not. Thank you very much, but I’m not. I’d like to say I’m the best, but I’m not.”

When asked for his thoughts on LiverpoolGuardiola added: “I admire what they do, how good they are. I enjoy this challenge.

“The times we play against them, there are always a lot of decisions in the game. Lots of details on both sides. Both teams are good.

“We try to discover the weak points that they have, which are few. We will try to exploit it, try to be ourselves. We already played many times, not only in the Premier League, they were always interesting games.

Guardiola distrusts Liverpool in the corners

On the subject of how he expects the game to go, Guardiola admitted that Liverpool will be difficult to contain in the corners, especially.

The Reds have been particularly lethal from the corners this season and the two tallest outfielders on Sunday are likely to be centre-back pairing Virgil van Dijk and Joel Matip.

Furthermore, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s dangerous deliveries will be difficult to manage, with Guardiola calling the full-back an “exhibit”.

“We know we are going to defend parts and sit down,” Guardiola added.

“Not because we want to but almost impossible because of what they do. They make the field wider and higher, quality in the middle.

“Four, five years ago they were more direct, not too much between the lines. Now they have a good accumulation with drops from Alisson, Matip, Thiago. Threats from behind, Alexander-Arnold is like an exhibition, deep runners from behind.

“From set pieces, every corner is a threat. The taker is good and the movement is of course there. That’s why we’re both there, it’s fascinating.

“To be champion again or to fight for it, very soon to be qualified for the Champions League. We need the fans in bad times and I’m sure the players will respond. They are ready for the challenge from Liverpool.”

On the challenge of repelling Liverpool from the corners specifically, Guardiola said: “I’m not in charge of set pieces. Carlos is in charge.

“Today we talk about what we do. The corners and takers are good and they are taller, so they are a threat and we have to accept.”

Guardiola concluded that he has a clean bill of health to choose from regarding his squad with the exception of Ruben Dias.

The absence of the defender could become a big mistake, especially in corners.

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