Gerardo Martino on Chicharito’s involvement in the Mexican national team

The head coach of the Mexican team, Gerardo Martino, revealed his opinion on Chicharito’s future role in the team, adding that “communication is not closed” between the two.

Chicharito’s lack of involvement with El Tri has been a source of controversy, with many adding that the team’s record goalscorer should be constantly on the roster. However, the reality is that the leader of the LA Galaxy has not played with the Mexican team since September 2019, when he last played in a friendly against the United States.

Now, as the Mexican team prepares for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the pressure is on Tata Martino to formulate the perfect squad. When asked directly if Chicharito could be included, he replied with ‘the doors are not closed’.

“Communication is not closed with Javier. On one side, the doors are open, but on the other, I don’t knock. The doors are open for everyone, there are other players who have decided not to participate and I respect the decision, but in this case he is not closed to the possibility of ever participating”.

The president of the Mexican Football Federation, ​​Yon de Luisa, supported Martino’s statements and delegated to the head coach the option of calling up the players as he sees fit.

“There is a football element that is certainly there, but I wouldn’t frame the discussion from a football perspective. It is the only facet of his career that cannot be debated, he is a player who has played for Manchester United, Madrid, but other names are emerging that we do not necessarily agree with but that have made the coach not call him. in the last two years, he said he of Luisa.

“The decision is one hundred percent up to Tata Martino, he decides who to summon and I have spoken with Gerardo Torrado and approved on behalf of the FMF. What I would like to recognize is the players who have been part of this process and we as a federation must appreciate and thank those who have been here, and grateful to the clubs that have allowed us to borrow players.

Napoli’s Chucky Lozano and Wolverhampton player Raúl Jiménez are the current leaders of the national team as they worked to qualify El Tri for the World Cup. But things may change before Qatar given the team’s busy summer. Mexico announced that it will participate in five friendlies and the Concacaf Nations League, giving players a chance to prove themselves.

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