Frank & Penelope Trailer Invites Horror Fans to Enjoy the Terrifying Ride

If you like horror movies, here is one you should watch out for, frank and penelope is an upcoming movie that seems to intertwine elements from a number of horror stories, and if they fit together, it should be an entertaining and terrifying ride. The story follows a wild couple who decide to stop at a motel on a deserted stretch of dirt road during a road trip. Sure, we all know it’s a terrible idea, but they’ll discover much more than just a terrifying scenario in this isolated location…

the trailer of frank and penelope features a ton of movie references that may pique your interest, starting with the obvious Bonnie and Clyde feeling of a couple living dangerously outside the law while traveling across the country, while maintaining a difficult and probably abusive and codependent relationship. Then a not-so-subtle sheriff pulls them over to explicitly warn them not to linger on a particular stretch of highway, and that’s when the movie references start to pile up.


You can find some The Hills Have Eyesespecially because of the sunny and dry environment with dangerous figures lurking around every corner, but you’ll also be right at home if you like horror stories from religious fanatics, Midsummer-style. There is also a hint of Paranormal activity with video surveillance images and a bit of wolf creek with people running for their lives while being hunted. So, something for everyone and a host of horror movie tropes for fans of the genre.

frank and penelope
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frank and penelope is led by Sean Patrick Flanery (Boys‘ Gunpowder) who is making his feature directorial debut. Flanery also doubles as a screenwriter, taking on a story from his fellow actor. John Thaddeus (Goliath). Before this film, Flanery wrote the story for born a champion.

The characteristics of the cast kevin dillon (Platoon), Billy Budinich (In the north), Caylee Cooper (sunrise in the sky), Donna D’Errico (Reindeer 911!), Johnathon Schaech (now apocalypse), Sonia Eddy (General Hospital), Y lin shay (the Insidious franchise).

frank and penelope Theatrical release June 3.

You can see the trailer below:

Check the official synopsis of frank and penelope here:

While on the run from the law, Frank and his stripper girlfriend, Penelope, find themselves miles away from civilization as they travel down a deserted stretch of dirt road. As night falls, they come across a small motel and restaurant and decide to rest for the night. The next day, after robbing the restaurant, they are suddenly plunged into a hellish nightmare. When motel and restaurant owner Chisos, a psychotic Bible-thumping cannibal along with his sadistic family, lead Frank and Penelope into a do-or-die situation. journey, where escape is just a breath away. It soon becomes clear that they are not the first to put up with this. But these two will go out together or “go out” together.

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