Fans Praise April For Her Maturity Over Other Contestants

Fans of the new Netflix show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On really like April Melohn and think she is more mature than her fellow contestants.

Fans of the new Netflix reality series The ultimatum: get married or move on have chosen April Melohn as their favorite contestant due to her maturity over her fellow contestants. The series released its first eight episodes on April 6 and fans can’t get enough of the show anymore. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, six couples take part in a social experiment to see if the person they’re with is really right for them by spending three weeks with someone from one of the other couples. One partner in the relationship is eager to get married, while the other would rather not rush down the aisle any time soon. The couples got together the ultimatum because the couple that is ready for marriage is tired of waiting and is ready to move on if it turns out that there is someone better for them.


April gave her boyfriend Jake Cunningham an ultimatum because she’s ready to get married and start a family. However, the two seem to be on very different pages, as Jake got out of the military just a year before joining the show and wants more time to be free and enjoy life from him. Jake quickly made a connection with fellow Ella contestant Rae Williams, and when it came time to decide who he would spend the next three weeks with, he immediately chose her. April, on the other hand, seemed to have a harder time choosing between Nathan Ruggles and Hunter Parr, but she ultimately opted for the latter. However, after Hunter proposed to his girlfriend Alexis Maloney and Nathan proposed to his girlfriend Lauren Pounds, April ended up with Colby Kissingger.

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After eight episodes of the show, viewers have really taken a liking to April. Fans of the show posted on Reddit how much more mature she is than other contestants and how she really seems to be doing the show for the right reasons. “April is the nicest person on this show by far. 100 times more,one fan wrote, while others praised the ultimatum star for the kind and genuine speech he gave on the show before the contestants chose who they wanted to live with. A fan posted, “Everything he said in the table speech was 100% true. She is honestly wise beyond her years and very mature of hers.

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Other fans feel that the contestant is a great person, but she needs to love herself more and find someone who loves her more than Jake. Some of the other contestants that fans think are less mature than April include Alexis and Madelyn Ballatori. During the first episode of the show, Alexis thought that she had formed a connection with Colby, but when the participant told her that he didn’t want to continue with her, he apparently denied it. Alexis also talked about how much she prioritizes money in her life and relationship, making it very clear that she is not interested in anyone who does not earn a significant amount per year.

April certainly seems like a king, a confident woman who knows what she wants. It’s good to see that fans enjoy her watching her on the show. While fans won’t find out about her until the finale and reunion of how things are between her and Jake, they seem to hope that she ends up with her boyfriend. However, no matter what, fans are rooting for her growth and her happiness at the ultimatum first of all.

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The ultimatum: get married or move on The finale and reunion will be released on April 13 on Netflix.

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