Ex-ref on Martinelli goal vs Brighton and Ronaldo penalty shout

Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey was less than impressed with the time it took to disallow Gabriel Martinelli’s goal for Arsenal against Brighton yesterday.

The Brazilian striker thought he had scored Arsenal’s equalizer at the stroke of half-time, but his goal was eventually disallowed after a lengthy VAR check.

Brighton won the game 2-1 in what was a very frustrating afternoon for Mikel Arteta’s side, and Halsey believes the disallowed goal was mishandled.

speaking exclusively to Caught offsidereferee x asked for a time limit on VAR checks, as referees are likely to always find something wrong with a goal if they spend so much time looking at it so closely.

“Arsenal’s disallowed goal against Brighton seemed like the right decision. Gabriel Martinelli was offside, his foot deflected offside,” Halsey said.

Gabriel Martinelli thought he had scored Arsenal’s equalizer against Brighton

“The question is why did it take four minutes to decide? I know there were also other questions: was there a foul? Did he come off a Brighton defender? – but it shouldn’t take four or five minutes to make that call.

“That’s what frustrates everyone, the time it takes. If you’re looking at it for that long, then maybe there’s an argument that it should just be a goal. It might make sense to introduce a time limit on these decision-making processes, because otherwise you can go on and on. You can find whatever you want to be an incident when you take that much time.”

Halsey also discussed the two penalty calls in the previous match between Everton and Manchester United.

The Toffees picked up three important points as they struggled to survive in the Premier League, but they most likely had a second goal as they were denied a penalty.

Halsey says there wasn’t much to it, but if Alex Telles’ contact had been ruled a foul, there probably wouldn’t have been a VAR check on this subjective call.

“Looking at Everton vs Manchester United and Alex Telles’ challenge on Anthony Gordon, it’s one of those, not a clear and obvious mistake… I think if it had happened then VAR probably wouldn’t have looked at it. It’s subjective, so if the penalty isn’t applied, VAR wouldn’t be involved either,” Halsey said.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not take a penalty against Everton

“There is a small clip of Telles, but for me it is subjective and I think you have to accept it. Another day, another referee could have given it and it would not be annulled.

There was also a penalty shout for Man Utd, but Halsey thinks there is no way a handball could have been the right shout in that situation.

And he added: “There was a claim for the hand of Cristiano Ronaldo, but I myself cannot see it. The ball was very close and hit Michael Keane with rhythm.

“Can you really call that a deliberate act? Was his arm in an unnatural position? I think the answer to those questions is no. What is Keane supposed to do in that situation? I think it was correct not to give a penalty or for the VAR to intervene”.

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