Everything We Know So Far About the Fourth Season

fans of Virgin River were thrilled to stream the series’ third season, which debuted on Netflix on July 9, 2021, after only having waited eight months after the sophomore season. Season 3 was packed with the usual amount of drama between Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) as well as the budding romances between characters both new and old. We were introduced to Jack’s sister Brie (Zibby Allen), who dove into a hot and steamy fling with Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth). Besides love, the third season kept viewers on their toes with kidnappings, accidents, and death.

The Season 3 finale left us on the edge of our seats with Mel revealing to Jack that she is pregnant just as he is getting ready to propose to her. What he does n’t know is that her trip from her to Los Angeles earlier in the season was not just about getting away from her, but about hormone treatments and getting inseminated by her late husband’s sperm. So who is the father of her baby? We will hopefully find out eleven Season 4 hits Netflix!


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Is There a Trailer for Virgin River Season 4?

There is no official trailer for Season 4 yet, but if you need a quick refresher on how exactly things went down at the end of Season 3, you can watch last season’s famous last scene above. In the clip, you can see Jack on the verge of proposing, which prompts Mel to tell him that she is pregnant but she is unsure about who the father is.

When Is Virgin River Season 4’s Release Date?

Sadly, we do not have an exact date for when the new season will be available on Netflix. Filming of Season 4 wrapped up in December 2021, so we are hoping for a summer arrival. If Season 3’s timeline is any indication, the end of filming in December 2020 meant a July 2021 release. We are crossing our fingers for Season 4’s arrival in July of this year, although we wouldn’t be opposed to an earlier date!

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Which Characters Will Be Returning for Virgin River Season 4?

We can expect to see the core group of citizens of Virgin River return for Season 4. That includes Jack (Henderson), Mel (Breckenridge), Doc (Tim Matheson), ‘Preacher’ (Colin Lawrence), Conny (Nicholas Cavendish), and Muriel (Terry Rothery).

We all missed Hope’s (Annette O’Toole) wit and sarcasm in Season 3. We only got to see her a few times through Zoom and briefly heard her voice on the phone. O’Toole’s absence was due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel. Luckily, the actress will be returning, in person, as Hope for Season 4. On December 3, O’Toole posted this tweet, getting everyone excited about her return from ella:

Unfortunately, we were dealt a devastating loss with the death of Lilly (lynda boyd) after discovering that she had terminal cancer. Surely her friends de ella and her daughters de ella Tara (Stacy Farber) and Chloe will keep her memory alive. Tara was unsure if she would be able to scrounge up the funds to maintain her mother’s farm, but an anonymous trust was set up for her and Chloe. This likely means that they will be able to stay in Virgin River.

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Who Are the New Characters and Cast Members Joining Virgin River in Season 4?

Virgin River Season 4 will welcome two new additions to the cast: Mark Ghanime and Kai Bradbury. Ghanime will play Dr. Cameron Hayek, a physician who joins the staff at the clinic. We can only wonder if he will be Doc’s replacement since Doc has been diagnosed with wet age-related macular degeneration, a condition that can lead to loss of vision. Bradbury will play Doc’s grandson. We got a sneak peek of him in Season 3 when he checked in at Fitches’ Bed & Breakfast and told Jo Ellen (Gwynyth Walsh) that he’s looking for his grandfather Dr. Vernon Mullins.

What Do We Know About the Plot of Virgin River Season 4?

We can predict that drama will ensue as Jack tries to juggle the twins he’s expecting with Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) in addition to the baby Mel just told him about, assuming, of course, that the baby is his. If the baby is actually Mel’s late husband Mark’s (Daniel Gillies), we may have to prepare ourselves for serious discussions or even a break-up between the two main characters.

Season 3 also showed Preacher being drugged and kidnapped by a woman who we can only assume is working for Vince (steve bacic). We hope Preacher will be able to escape unscathed and that Paige (Lexa Doig) will be able to return to Virgin River without constantly having to look over her shoulder.

With Brady’s proclamation of love for Brie, it is possible that what started off as a casual affair will soon turn into a full-fledged relationship. Although we want happiness for Brie after everything she has had to endure in her past, we know that a connection with Brady will rock the boat for her and Jack.

We’re also wondering what will happen to Hope since things are looking pretty bleak after getting into an accident on her way back to Virgin River. The news is taking quite a toll on Doc, who is already struggling to deal with the bad news of his own diagnosis of him. We’re hoping all this and more, specifically, the identity of Jack’s shooter will be explained in Season 4.

Will Virgin River be Renewed for More Seasons After Season 4?

And it is! Virgin River was renewed for a fifth and sixth season back in September 2021. With a fifth season already in the works, could this mean that the fourth season will end on a cliffhanger just like the last season did? We’ll just have to wait to have that question answered.

Since it is still unclear when Season 4 will premiere, Season 5 is an even bigger mystery, especially since filming, which was scheduled to begin in March 2022, has been postponed. We’ll keep you updated as premiere dates for all upcoming seasons are announced.


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