Everything Everywhere All at Once Hot Dog Finger Gloves Available at A24

everything everywhere at once is taking the world by storm and now fans of the A24 movie can buy their own hot dog gloves. Yes, it makes sense if you’ve seen the movie. On the official A24 website, the gloves are on sale for $36 and include a box that has pictures of stars. Michelle Yeoh | fingering her hotdog and sitting down with her co-star Jamie Lee Curtis in this universe.

The site begins the product description with “Together, life can be so delicious!” and then goes on to describe them as a “pair of latex gloves with hot dog fingers, as seen in everything everywhere at once. One size fits most.” In the Hot Dog Fingers universe, Yeoh’s character, Evelyn Wang, is in a relationship with Curtis’s Deirdre Beaubeirdra. Although they are enemies in other timelines, in this world They found comfort in each other and this is how Evelyn learns (throughout all of her timelines) to embrace those around her.


Was the hot dog finger universe weird? Obviously they all had hotdogs for fingers and they had to use their feet to do a lot of things, since you know… hotdogs aren’t the best for doing things. But it was an important aspect of Evelyn’s story and, outside of the googly eyes that became associated with the film, they are the most recognizable part of the film for Daniel Kuwan Y Daniel Scheinertalso known as The Daniels.

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Will this help everyone dress up as Evelyn and Deidre at the upcoming conventions? Hopefully! Still opening in select theaters, the film has received rave reviews, and with good reason. The Daniels brought to life a candid look at the multiverse of possibilities and Yeoh has proven time and time again just how incredibly talented he is. Yeoh as Evelyn not only gives us the action star that we have seen in the past, but she also played a woman struggling to come to terms with her life and the world she lives in in a captivating performance.

Evelyn hated her life and she hated what she was doing and she was shown all the different ways her life could have been different and although we got to see her explore her power through all of them they all helped her grow her relationships with her family (played by Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie HsuY james hong).

So get your hot dog gloves today and let’s all see everything everywhere at once like we live in the world of hot dog fingers.

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