Every Pokémon League Champion, Ranked Worst To Best

The main objective of almost all the main series. Pokemon The game is to beat the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members and eventually challenge the reigning champion. Give or take some detours: fight the regional evil team, catch some Legendaries – this is the basic goal of each generation.

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Considered the strongest trainer in the entire region, the battle of champions will probably be the toughest of them all. Pokémon Champions will constantly heal, have powerful and even rare Pokémon, and a killer theme song. But who is the best Pokémon Champion? He definitely lives up to the hype and puts up a truly spectacular fight, but there are always some expectations.

Updated on April 14, 2022 by David Caballero: The recent release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Luminous Pearl offered arguably the best Battle of Champions in Pokémon history, the perfect combination of smart and challenging strategies and a well-balanced and powerful Pokémon team. The battle rekindled players’ love and excitement for the Pokémon League challenge, just in time for the upcoming releases of the first Generation IX games, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

10 Diana

Diantha spreading in the Pokémon Anime

By far the least interesting, least memorable, and weakest Champion is Diantha, the final challenger in pokemon x and y. His team is surprisingly weak; he not only has two Pokémon with six 2x weaknesses, but one of them, Aurorus, is 4x weak to Fighting. Y Steel. Mega Gardevoir, one of the best dual-type Fairy Pokémon, is the saving grace of her team, but it alone can’t make up for four lackluster teammates.

Unlike other champions, Diantha lacks a significant role in the game. She only appears a few times and never helps the player in any significant way. Unfortunately, Diantha is completely underwhelming, both as a challenger and as a character.

9 Wallace

Wallace with his left hand raised, next to his Milotic

After Steven retreats, Wallace becomes the Champion of the Hoenn region and, suffice to say, he’s not up to the challenge. For starters, he runs a Water-type team, which makes the battle considerably easier. The water type has several strong Pokémon and only two weaknesses; however, one is the very common Grass type.

Wallace’s team isn’t as easy to beat as Diantha’s; in fact, his earthquake-savvy Gyarados and his ace, the bulky Milotic, can make things difficult for players. However, Wallace seems more like a Gym Leader than a strong Pokémon Champion, a disappointment compared to his powerful predecessor.


8 Alder

alder pokemon

One of Unova’s two Pokémon champions, Alder is the League’s final challenger in Black White. Alder has the unique privilege, or misfortune, of being the only Champion that players cannot fight after the Elite Four. Instead, the player faces the fan-favorite character N, who has already fought and defeated Alder.

At one point in the games, Ghetsis, one of the best villains in the Pokemon games, even suggesting that Alder did not win the title of Champion, but instead took it after being asked by the League as some kind of favor. Alder runs a diverse enough team, even though he has three Bug-type Pokémon. Alder is far from the best Pokémon Champion in the games, and his reputation is further diminished considering that his successor, Iris, is simply so much better.

7 Lion

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Leon is the newest addition to the Champion canon and sword and shieldresident superstar of . He is very involved in the story, and is even the brother of the main rival character, Hop, too good for this world. Leon is fired up for much of the game, and various characters speak of his strength.

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In the end, Leon puts up a good fight, but he’s far from the best Pokémon Champion in the games. His team has some real threats, mainly Decidueye and Dragapult, and his ace, the Gigantamax Charizard, has some surprises under his wings. Still, after so much talk about his talent for battle, he ends up being more of a bark than a bite.

6 Professor Kukui

Professor Kukui smiles and lifts his cap.

Although not exactly a Pokémon Champion, Professor Kukui acts as the ultimate challenger in Sun and moon. There is no Pokémon League in Alola prior to the events of the games, so the player participates in the first League Challenge. Kukui, the founder of the League, awards the title of Champion to whoever manages to defeat him.

Kukui has a very balanced team that spans up to nine different types. It also has any Starter that is strong against the one the player chose, further enhanced by the spawn cheat, a Z-Crystal. Lycanroc and the frustratingly bulky Snorlax are the main threats on his team, making Kukui a worthy opponent who never becomes one of the strongest Pokémon Champions.

5 Lance

Split image showing Dragonite and Lance in the Pokémon anime

Originally a member of the Elite Four in the Generation I games, Lance becomes the Champion of the Indigo Plateau in the Generation II games. gold plated and its remakes. A Dragon Master, Lance was quite the opponent when the games first came out, especially considering that the Dragon-type was still extremely overpowered.

Four of his Pokémon are weak to Ice. However, Blizzard is very unreliable and Ice Beam was not available in Gen II. That leaves Aurora Beam, Ice Punch, and Icy Wind as the only attacks to exploit the weakness, and none were guaranteed to OHKO. Lance’s ace, Dragonite, is one of the best non-legendary dragon types in Pokemon, and he had three. While this Dragon Master’s reputation has diminished considerably in recent years, he was a fearsome foe when his games debuted.

4 Iris

Iris in the middle of a Pokémon battle in the Pokémon anime

Another Master of Dragons, Iris is the second Champion of Unova, appearing in the aftermath of Generation V, black 2 and white 2. In WhiteShe acts as the gym leader of Opelucid City before taking over as Champion.

Despite being considered a Dragon-type trainer, she only has three dragons in her battle of champions. One of them, the terrifying Hydreigon, is extremely difficult to beat, but the Dragon Dance-spamming Haxorux is the real challenge for her. Iris puts on a more exciting and difficult battle than Alder’s. Her rematch battles are just as tough, proving that she is one of the best Pokémon champions in the franchise.

3 Blue

Pokémon Rival Blue Cover

When players first enter the champion chamber in pokemon red and blue, expect to meet the leader of the Indigo Plateau. To their surprise, they find Blue, the rival character, revealed to be the newest Pokémon Champion after defeating the old one.

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Blue’s battle carries significant and unique weight; he is not only the player’s main rival, but is also a current rival. Unfriendly, obnoxious, and arrogant, he enjoys always being ahead of the player and acts as annoying as a rival should. His team is extremely balanced and includes the strong Starter the player chose against and a host of Kanto superstars like Arcanine, Golem, and Exeggutor. The battle is exciting and challenging, and although the player prevails, Blue’s reputation is intact, as he truly is one of the best Pokémon Champions.

two Steven

steven stone pokemon

In Generation III games, Ruby and Sapphire, Steven Stone is the fan-favorite Hoenn Region Champion. Steven, a rare stone collector and son of the president of the Devon Corporation, specializes in Pokémon Steel and wanders the Hoenn region, helping the player on various occasions.

Steven’s team only has three Steel-types, plus three Rock-types and two Psychic-types. However, despite his seemingly unbalanced team, Steven is a giant. His Arnaldo’s is particularly tricky, but his Metagross is the real threat. In WEATHER, Metagross can Mega Evolve, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the battle. Steven’s reputation has prevailed over the years, with some even considering him to be the greatest Pokémon Champion. Unfortunately, he is only a very close second.

one cynthia

Cynthia in Pokémon BDSP

From the moment the iconic piano music begins to play, the musicians know that things will get real. In fact, Cynthia has been terrifying players since 2006, thanks to her well-balanced team. When the games first came out, her Spiritomb had no weaknesses. Her Gastrodon was deceitful, his Lucario strangely strong, and her Togekiss a threat in disguise. Still, her Garchomp was the real nightmare, and there are plenty of videos online to prove it.

pokemon bod made their battle even more difficult by introducing battle strategies that would make most competitive players tremble in fear. His Milotic was a flame orb that increased special defense, and his Togekiss is now Fairy-type mastered. God help the miserable player who lets his Garchomp use Swords Dance. The Gen IV remakes confirmed that Cynthia is the absolute best Pokémon Champion, and she’s not likely to be surpassed anytime soon.

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