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Warning: major spoilers ahead for no time to die

no time to dieThe filming locations continue as established. james link tradition of filming in exotic and cinematic locations around the world. Director Cary Joji filmed Daniel Craig’s latest 007 adventure between April and October 2019, and no time to dieThe filming locations of make an impressive farewell. The James Bond movies have always had a travelogue element as part of their formula. When Sean Connery’s first movies were made, commercial air travel was still in its infancy and was considered a novelty and a thrill; several of the films would feature shots of Bond’s plane landing and him leaving the airport, maximizing the jet-setting motif. The James Bond movies are escapist entertainment that allowed audiences to see parts of the world they might never otherwise have seen.


Shooting a James Bond movie on location is a big deal and often forever associates that location in the public’s mind with 007. For example, after The man with the golden gun was filmed in Phang Nga Bay on the west coast of Thailand, the area has become a major tourist attraction, with the iconic rocks becoming known as James Bond Island. Sometimes it is not possible or practical to film in the actual area in which the story takes place, and therefore alternate locations are used. Often a single sequence can be shot in numerous locations and seamlessly assembled.

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Each new film aims to send 007 to a part of the world he hasn’t been to, to expand the James Bond story, a challenge that increases with each installment. Of course, in addition to filming around the world, James Bond’s cinematic home is Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England. Most of the Bond films have included filming on his soundstage, and no time to dieThe list of filming locations was no different. Producer Cubby Broccoli built the famous 007 set in Pinewood especially to house the huge sets needed for the Bond movies. However, there is nothing that compares to shooting on location. Here is the full list of no time to dieThe filming locations and where each one appears in the film.

Madeleine Swann’s childhood home – Langvann, Norway

No time to die frozen lake

The first of no time to dieThe film’s filming locations, this snowy landscape is used for the flashback scene that opens the film. Langvann, Norway replaces Madeleine Swann’s childhood home, before the eternal Safin enters her, kills her mother, and chases her to a frozen lake. Langvann is the name of the lake. It is located in the hills above Nittedal, north of Oslo.

Madeleine and Bond Beach Retreat – Spiaggia Cent’Ammari, Italy

beach no time to die

After nearly drowning in the lake in the flashback scene, Madeleine appears on a beach at Spiaggia Cent’Ammari in southern Italy. The rocky shoreline is very dramatic and has a Bondian look to it, making it a great addition to any no time to dieFilming locations. From here, the couple heads to Matera.

Bond Bridge jump – Gravina, Italy

No Time To Die Bridge Trick

Gravina was used for the scene where Bond jumps off the aqueduct to escape his pursuers. The Madonna Della Stella Aqueduct replaces Matera, along with others of no time to dieFilming locations. It’s a two-tiered Roman bridge, and the surrounding geography and landscape lends itself perfectly to a death-defying Bond stunt.

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Bond Opening Car Chase – Matera, Italy

There is no time to die Matera

The incredible pre-title car chase with Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 was filmed on the streets of Matera. The area is famous for its complex series of ancient cave dwellings carved out of the river canyon. The second unit shot most of the car chase, while the main actors arrived later to shoot scenes around the capital.

The breakup of Madeleine and Bond – Sapri, Italy

no time to die train

Believing that she betrayed him, Bond leaves Madeleine at the train station, closing the longest pre-title sequence in a Bond film. Sapri dubs the fictional “Civita Lucana” and is one of the many no time to die Filming locations found in Italy. Footage of Bond’s Aston Martin was also filmed in the city.

Bond Retirement Home – Jamaica

no time to die jamaica

On no time to die, 5 years after the events in Matera, Bond has retired to Jamaica. Jamaica is Bond’s spiritual home, as Ian Fleming wrote the Bond novels here at his home, “GoldenEye”. doctor not and live and let sayWe were also filmed there. The filmmakers built Bond’s retirement beach house on San San Beach in Port Antonio. Other scenes filmed here include his meeting with Felix and meeting the new 007, Nomi. Jamaica also doubles for the exterior scenes of Cuba, while the Specter reunion was a Pinewood set.

How to stay at James Bond’s GoldenEye Estate in Jamaica

avid consumers of no time to die and other classic James Bond movies may know this already, but it’s actually possible to stay on the same GoldenEye Estate where Fleming wrote his Bond novels and where an ever-active James Bond has often tried to retire throughout his many films. GoldenEye is now a luxury resort in Jamaica, and even the Fleming Villa, the very house the novels were written in, is also available to book.

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M16 Headquarters – London, England

James Bond walking down the street in No Time To Die.

Bond is back at MI6 in London and arrives at the UK Ministry of Defense on Horseguard Avenue. A classic Bond movie filming location, the building was last seen in a Bond movie in Confidential in 1981. Senate House was used for the reception of M16, while The Mall, Whitehall and Hammersmith Bridge were used as backdrops for scenes where Madeleine and Bond & M discuss the nanobot virus being planned by the villain Safin unleash like the McGuffin from the movie. .

Bond’s Oceanside Car Chase – Atlantic Road, Norway

No time to die Atlantic Ocean Road Norway

The impressive Atlanterhavsvegen, or the Atlantic Ocean Highway, was used as the starting point for the car chase in Norway that closes the second act of no time to die. The elegant road winds through an archipelago that runs for 8.3 km. One of the most impressive no time to dieOn filming locations, the filmmakers make good use of the curves in the road to build suspense before the chase begins.

Bond’s Oceanside Car Chase – Loch Laggan and the Cairngorms, Scotland

No time to die Cairngorms

Part of the car chase scene that takes place in Norway during the events of no time to die it was actually filmed around Loch Laggan in Scotland. In particular, the scene where a Land Rover flips over and crashes into the top of James Bond’s car. As the chase intensifies with more vehicles and a helicopter, filming moves to the Cairngorms, Britain’s largest national park. The remainder of the Norwegian footage was filmed at the Ardverikie House Estate.

Safin’s Lair – Trøllanes, Faroe Islands

No time to die Faroe Islands

Trøllanes is a village on the island of Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic located halfway between Norway and Iceland. The area is doubled for Safin’s lair in no time to die, which in the film was an abandoned World War II base on an island disputed between Russia and Japan. Safin’s headquarters on the island was digitally added in post-production, while the scenes within it were filmed on sets in Pinewood.

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Madeleine’s Promenade – Torre Dei Crivi, Italy

No Time To Die Torre Dei Crivi

at the end of no time to die, Madeleine drives down a winding road with her daughter Mathilde. She begins to tell a story about a man named “James Bond bond.The stretch of road is the same one that Bond and Madeleine travel at the beginning of the film, between Sapri and Acquafredda, and ends the film at a high vantage point.

Any Shot Without a Location – Pinewood Studios

The 007 stage at Pinewood Studios

Of course, all the scenes in no time to die that were not shot on location were made at Bond’s Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Due to the tremendous scope of most of the Bond films, no time to die included, the best way to combine impressive globe-trotting adventures with high production value is to use both on-location and studio shooting. Because Pinewood is set up specifically to tackle bond projects, it is noteworthy as an important member of no time to dieList of filming locations for .

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