Every Kaiju Who Could Fight MonsterVerse’s Son Of Kong

If the MonsterVerse really is making a Son of Kong movie, who could the villain be? Here’s every kaiju who has a chance at fighting Kong’s son.

The MonsterVerse has a handful of options it can turn to when picking Son of Kong’s villain. Legendary Pictures has yet to confirm it, but Son of Kong is rumored to be the title of the planned Godzilla vs. kong sequel That would make it an adaptation of the 1933 sequel to the original King Kong movie.

If these rumors are true, both alpha Titans will be taking a backseat to a much younger (and smaller) monster for the fifth MonsterVerse movie. Though it would naturally be very different from the first Son of Kong film, it stands to reason that it would follow a similar concept. The 1933 movie explored the exploits of King Kong’s 12-foot-tall albino offspring. Since the MonsterVerse Kong does not even have a son yet (much less a mate), it’s expected that as the original version of the character, the titular character will be a fraction of his father’s size. Even if the MonsterVerse skips a few years into the future, it’ll be a long time – perhaps even a century or two – before he can reach Kong’s height from it.


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A story centered on a much younger and inexperienced Kong promises an adventure that’s completely unique to anything that the MonsterVerse has already done. Considering that he ca n’t be in the same league as his father, the movie may be severely limited in terms of who it can use as its villains. Fan-favorite monsters like Destoroyah, Gigan, and Biollante are all too powerful to work as his opponent and are better suited as villains for Godzilla or Kong. However, there are at least a few kaiju that could be properly reimagined and inserted into a Son of Kong story. Here’s every monster who could fight Kong’s son on the big screen.


One Godzilla villain who wouldn’t feel out of place in Son of Kong is Ebirah, the lobster kaiju from 1966’s Ebirah, horror of the deep. Though the creature was able to challenge Godzilla during the Showa series film, he can’t compare to the much more threatening villains from Godzilla’s rogues’ gallery, such as Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, and Destoroyah. For this reason, it’s hard to imagine him showing up in anything more than a cameo in a Godzilla movie. But while he no longer works for Godzilla’s stories, he could be a candidate for Son of Kong’s MonsterVerse opponent. scenes in Godzilla vs. Kong’s Hollow Earth confirmed that its environment includes bodies of water, so it’s certainly plausible that a giant lobster could be roaming the Hollow Earth’s oceans.

Son of Kong’s Bear Monster

Son of Kong vs Cave Bear

The MonsterVerse doesn’t have to draw from Toho’s films for all of its movies. An alternative to picking a Toho kaiju would be doing its own take on a villain from the original Son of Kong. The movie’s finale saw Kong’s son go up against a giant cave bear based on an actual prehistoric species. As for how a MonsterVerse interpretation of this fight could happen, the movie’s story could call for Kong’s son to stumble into a Hollow Earth bear’s hidden lair. If done right, A bear Titan could prove to be a unique and physically imposing addition to the MonsterVerse, especially since it’s something that the films (and Toho’s Godzilla movies) have never done before. A battle with a giant bear – who could be much stronger than Son of Kong – could force the young ape to rely on his intelligence and agility to persevere.


The enormous spider kaiju that menaced Godzilla’s son, Minila, in Toho’s movies has the potential to become a thorn in Son of Kong’s side as well. As a spider, Kumonga could benefit greatly from a terrifying MonsterVerse redesign. With his webbing capabilities, monstrous fangs, and ability to ensnare his would-be prey, he could easily give Kong’s son a challenging encounter at some point in the film. He may not be the main villain, but he could be one of the monsters that the protagonist crosses paths with during his adventures in the Hollow Earth. When Minila was put in mortal danger by Kumonga in Toho’s Son of Godzilla movie, he had to be rescued by his father, but Kong’s son may not be able to share the same luxury.

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In Toho’s Godzilla franchise, Gorosaurus is an allosaurus-like kaiju who joined forces with Godzilla and several others against Ghidorah in Destroy All Monsters. Armed with his signature kangaroo kick move, the monster played a vital role in Ghidorah’s defeat. In addition to his team-up with Godzilla, he’s also known for his fight with the King of Skull Island in King Kong Escapes. If adapted to the MonsterVerse, Gorosaurus’ history would lend it plenty of possible uses for his character. He could be a Titan ally of Godzilla, a Hollow Earth rival to Kong, or an enemy for his son to fight. As a creature who’s basically a dinosaur, Gorosaurus wouldn’t need much reworking to be included in Son of Kong. He could be just the right size and stature for a thrilling showdown with Kong’s son. And since he has been used as a heroic kaiju in the past, there is at least a chance that Son of Kong can leave room for a team-up between the ape and Gorosaurus against a stronger adversary at the end of the movie.


Many of the kaiju who could fit into Son of Kong aren’t “main villain” material, which is why Toho’s Hedorah may be the strongest candidate for the movie’s antagonist. In 1971, Godzilla vs. Hedorah introduced audiences to the Smog Monster, an alien kaiju who acquired power through feeding on pollution. Due to his seemingly indestructible nature of him, even Godzilla struggled to find a way to hurt the giant, sentient blob of sludge that the human characters named “Hedorah.” As a creature that thrives off pollution, Hedorah could help continue the MonsterVerse’s environmental themes and the belief that human civilization is responsible for the Earth’s problems.

If Hedorah followed the humans to the Hollow Earth, Son of Kong could tell a story about how humanity’s discovery of this place will eventually lead to its downfall. If Kong’s son finds Hedorah before his father, it could be up to him to stop the alien from getting stronger. In using Hedorah, the movie can have high stakes in a way that wouldn’t work with most Hollow Earth monsters. Obviously, any opponent that can fight Kong’s are likely wouldn’t be a threat to the elder Kong, which would prevent the movie from instilling viewers with a real sense of danger. But because of Hedorah’s powers from him, he could keep growing stronger and perhaps eventually beat Kong himself if left unchecked. The threat he could pose in the future could make it imperative that Kong’s son wastes no time in taking him down.

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