Every Failed Attempt To Reboot He-Man

A second live action Masters of the Universe movie has never happened, but not for lack of trying. Studios like Warner Bros. and Sony have attempted to reboot the franchise, which is based on a line of Mattel action figure characters set in the fantasy world of Eternia. The main character in Masters of the Universe franchise is a young man named Prince Adam, who transforms into the warrior known as He-Man after picking up a mystical weapon called the Power Sword. He-Man, surrounded by a colorful cast of skilled fighters, defends Castle Grayskull and Eternia from the villainous Skeletor and his lackeys.


He-Man and his friends have been the subject of multiple cartoons, with the release of Netflix Revelation of the Masters of the Universe in 2021. However, the first and only live-action film featuring the characters was released in 1987. Simply titled Masters of the Universe, the film starred Dolph Lundgren in his first leading role as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor. The movie deviated from the cartoon by sending He-Man to modern Earth, rather than keeping him in the fantasy world of Eternia. Unfortunately, Masters of the Universe received mostly negative reviews and bombed at the box office. Although a sequel was teased in a post-credits scene, it was never revisited.

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More than 30 years later, a Masters of the Universe the reboot could still be taking shape. Originally, Sony had planned to release a The man film in 2021, with Aaron and Adam Nee signed on to direct from a script written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway with Noah Centineo cast to play He-Man. However, in January 2022, it was revealed that Netflix had acquired the rights to the film. With production scheduled for 2022, the latest plans for a live-action The man reboot sees Kyle Allen cast in the title role, with Aaron and Adam Nee still attached and a script by David Callaham. With so much preparation for the new movie, it may seem solid, but if the movie doesn’t end up happening, it wouldn’t be the first one planned. Masters of the Universe reboot to fall apart. Here are all the attempts to bring back the franchise that didn’t work.

John Woo’s Masters Of The Universe Movie

In the mid-2000s, reports emerged that a Masters of the Universe The film was in development with celebrated Hong Kong director John Woo attached to helm the project. But as time went on, there were no updates on the movie and it was eventually reported that Woo had completely lost interest. At the time, the film’s script had never been officially approved by a studio.

Warner Bros.’ He-Man reboot with Joel Silver

Classic Masters of the Universe He-Man character designs

Warner Bros. had a plan to make a Masters of the Universe reboot in the late 2000s, with Joel Silver producing. Kung Fu Panda Director John Stevenson had been hired to direct, and several writers were involved in the script. The project was described as a “classic battle of good vs evil“, and would be filmed with techniques similar to those used in 300 [via Slashfilm]. Apparently, Warner Bros. and Sony couldn’t come to an agreement on how they would proceed with the reboot, so it never happened. For this reason, the project was scrapped and the The man the rights reverted to Mattel.

Sony’s First Masters Of The Universe Reboot Attempt

He-Man and the masters of the universe animated

When Warner Bros. failed to get the film off the ground, Mattel, still interested in making a Masters of the Universe movie, he started buying it from other studios. In 2009, it was reported that Sony Pictures had struck a deal with Mattel to produce the reboot, with the story once again focusing on He-Man and his efforts to defeat Skeletor. Mike Finch and Alex Litvak wrote the script, and the project was titled Gray skull. Sony hired Jon M. Chu to direct, as well as his film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, was being done. Chu claimed that his plan to Masters of the Universe would “serious” and no “cornyHis intention was to tell He-Man’s origin story, but then, Chu dropped out to focus on continuing the story. G.I. Joe franchise.

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In 2013, it was revealed that Sony Pictures had not yet given up on its efforts to reboot. Masters of the Universe. The script was rewritten by Godzilla vs. Kong screenwriter Terry Rossio, and it was confirmed that, unlike the original with Dolph Lundgren, which took the story to Earth, the new film would take place in He-Man’s world of Eternia. Sony looked at several directors to take over the project, and kick ass 2 Director Jeff Wadlow was selected to write a new draft for the The man movie. In 2015, Christopher Yost, who had just worked on Thor: The Dark World. Sony found a director for Masters of the Universe at McG in 2016, but before he could go any further, Sony switched gears entirely and went in a different direction with a new creative team.

Masters of the Universe by David S. Goyer

Masters of the Universe He-Man casting

Finally it appeared that the Masters of the Universe The reboot was going somewhere when the December 2019 release date was set (although it lost its director around the same time). It was revealed that McG was no longer involved and that David S. Goyer had been hired to write and direct. Masters of the Universe. Goyer had major plans for his version of the film, as he envisioned a big-budget film on the scale of the Lord of the Rings.

Creature designer Carlos Huante said that Goyer wanted the film to feel “real“but even more”fantastic” what Lord of the Rings. The scope of the story was supposedly so great that it could have been made into multiple movies. The problem here was that Goyer’s vision was considered unrealistic in terms of what it meant for the size of the budget. Sony believed it would be too expensive, so in late 2017, Goyer’s plan for a Masters of the Universe reset was abandoned. Goyer was fired as director, but remained attached as executive producer, with Sony eventually abandoning his ideas and looking to start over with the world of Eternia.

There have been multiple failed attempts to bring He-Man and the Grayskull warriors back to the big screen to battle Skeletor. With the latest effort shifting gears to Netflix, fans are understandably worried that the Nee brothers Masters of the Universe It may soon be added to the list of He-Man movies that never saw the light of day.

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